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Bj Club Chula Vista Ca Local 91911

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by SamIam3816, May 22, 2019.

  1. SamIam3816

    SamIam3816 Experimental Member

    May 22, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Chula Vista (CA, US)
    Hi all
    I am looking for a Daytime guys in Chula Vista.
    If you are not near by you can post this idea in your area to make a bj club near you.
    (Cunning near you.)
    Tops and bottoms are needed.
    It just makes thing easer for you guys
    Looking for a host in Chula Vista?
    For a party with the guys.
    Some want to give?And bend over?
    Some to give and receive b j?
    Some just want a bj?
    Put as much information as possible.
    It is for you to get the best results.
    This is your club.
    Help to make it fun and we see for you.
    1 Please respond with your status.
    2 What you like to do.
    3 Email address.
    4 Can you host in Chula Vista for the party?
    Solo or a group?
    5 What area you are in (Chula vista)
    6 Photo to share with the group.
    This is for you guys so less make this happen
    If you can host.( no host yet.)
    What you are looking for ?What you like to do?
    If you want to share your information ,with the group only.
    This is make things easier and cut down on me asking questions that you have over looked,
    And To cut down on emails.
    It is getting busy.
    So please feed me information do not wait to be ask.
    Please be real. No fakes.
    B j Club local 91911
    Thank you
    Sam I Am
    My email is samiamsamples@gmail.com
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