Blue balls, varicoceles or something else?

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by Fastmike, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Hey guys, for the past couple of years every once in a while I would have pain in either one of my testicles( always one but never both). I used to think it was blue balls but I'm not sure anymore. This pain felt like someone was squeezing my balls on the inside, in fact whenever I got this pain, the leg on the same side feels like it's numb or blood constricted or something. The problem is it happens rarely and when it does it can range to a couple of hours minimum to a day or two. Masterbation does seem to help but the effect takes a little while and it can come back the next day so unless I got countless of erections at night(which is possible since I'm 18), it's not blue balls.

    Due to the infrequency of this pain, I'm kinda hesitant to go to my family doctor since he always makes me feel like I overreact so can anyone help me out?
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    I would see an MD. this possibly has multiple causes and the doc can narrow it down and treat it, if necessary. remember! these are your balls and it's best to keep happy and healthy.

    an MD with that attitude may be causing his/her patients to avoid being seen when they should be.
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