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    The first time I was lucky enough to bang a woman of color, I also discovered that I was more of a grower, than a shower. If you remember my size from the first installment, you understand that I am abnormally large. Those of you familiar with the sport of bodybuilding realize that genetics play a more dominant role in bodybuilding than any other sport. You can practice, practice, practice to improve a limited ability in other sports, but if you don't have the right genetics, you just aren't going to be huge. Unless you do roids in which case, you poison your body and you are a total fake, but that is a topic for another time.
    When I was in college, I was large, but not as large as I am now. At an early age I discovered that I was not blessed to pursue my true love, baseball (by the way can anybody believe how lucky the White Sox have been this season). That is why I turned to bodybuilding since I could not hit a curve ball to save my life.
    One night I was lifting hard and heavy in the weight room at college when in walked this extraordinarily hot african-american babe. My few sexual experiences in high school did not prepare me for what was about to happen. I had had a few blow jobs in high school, but nothing anyone said led me to believe that I may be larger than average in the cock department.
    As I was saying, this hot babe began to lift right in front of me while I was lifting on the incline bench. She bent over in front of me, which allowed me a very generous look at very generous bosom down her loose fitting shirt. After she had done a few sets like this, I found it somewhat impossible to move as my little head was definitely doing the thinking for my big head. She walked out of the room shaking her delicious looking ass so much I thought she was going to dislocate a vertebrae. When she got to the door to the weight room, she turned, winked at me and said she would be right back.
    Now this girl not only had huge boobs, but her legs were to die for. Very muscular and defined. The quadriceps muscles literally bulged and jumped with each step and her hamstrings were amazing. She came back into the room as I was walking over to the cable machine to finish my workout.
    She asked my advice for her triceps area and she brushed her boobs against my arm. When she asked me to flex so she could feel my biceps, I really began to think that something wondeful was about to happen. She was a small person and her hands did not quite reach all the way around my biceps (today my biceps are about 2 1/2" bigger so I wish I could run into her again). She remarked on how well developed my arms and pecs were and said that she wished she could get her boyfriend to workout with her.
    Then she "accidentally" brushed against my crotch when she bent over to pick up some dumbbells to work on triceps presses. When she did this she smiled at me and I almost dropped a whole rack of weights.
    Well there was no one else in the weight room and it was getting late. We finished our lifting and I offered to walk her back to her dorm. She agreed and when we got to her room she asked me in. We got comfortable and began to kiss. I had never been with an african-american woman before but had always heard the rumors about the guys. Remember, at this time I had never really had anyone comment on my size before so I was unsure as to whether I could "measure up" so this totally hot chick would be satisfied. This girl could kiss and soon I really didn't care about whether my cock was big enough or not.
    I reached into her shorts and found her pussy lips. She was literally dripping as I slid my finger up and down her slit. Slowly at first and very lightly. When I found her clit, I rolled that little joy button between my thumb and forefinger. When she began moaning, I knew that I was going to taste some very sweet "brown sugar."
    I don't know about the rest of you, but the only thing I like better than fucking, is eating pussy. I knew that if I got her off with my tongue, then maybe my endowment would become secondary. I slid her shorts down her gorgeous thighs and buried my face into the sweetest, wettest pussy you can imagine. Her cunt was so hot and wet. My tongue ran up and down her slit until it touched her clit. When I had the clit located, I sucked it gently into my mouth as I inserted first one, then two fingers into that pussy. As I sucked on her clit and fucked her pussy with my finger, she wrapped those marvelous legs tighter and tighter around my neck. Her pussy almost swallowed my face as she came hard against my tongue. Her whole body shook and the moaning was so loud I half expected campus security to bust down her door. After getting her to cum a couple of times, we took a few minutes to calm down.
    As I said, I was kind of unsure about the ability of my johnson to do the right thing, so when she said it was my turn I was nervous. As she pulled my shorts down, I noticed a look of disappointment flit across her eyes as my less than impressive member tumble into view. But then she bent down and took my cock into her mouth. At first she was able to get my entire shaft into her mouth and damn, what a mouth. I felt like my cock was stuck in a vaccuum cleaner. She sucked me so hard that I felt like my shaft was going to come off at the base.
    Well my organ began to respond to her ministrations, growing by leaps and bounds. As she was bobbing up and down on my shaft, there came a moment when my cock head struck the back of her throat and there was still more cock shaft outside of her mouth. When this happened, she sat back, grabbed my cock by the shaft and stroked it a few times. As my cock continued to grow in her hands, a smile played across her face. She lowered her mouth to my meat and with one hand stroking the shaft and her mouth sucking on the head, my cock felt like it was in heaven. When she got both hands stroking my shaft while her tongue was playing with the underside of my cock head, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
    That is when she looked up at me and asked if all white boys were as big as I was. I told her that I really had not taken a survey but I asked if I was all right with her as I had heard all the rumors about black guys. That is when she laughed and said that her present boyfriend was only about two handfuls long. I was more than two handfuls and a mouthful. She asked me if I wanted to cum in her mouth and I said yes. Then she asked how long would it take me to get hard again. The entire time she is stroking me with both hands and licking the slit of my cock head with her tongue. I promised her that I could do a quick turn around and she went back down on me. Within a short time I unloaded a huge wad down her throat. After she swallowed the whole thing she smiled at me.
    If you are interested in our fuck let me know.
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    keep going ... your style is improving with every post. A little more description and hot action would be great.
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