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    As we laid together on her bed, resting from each of our mind blowing orgasms, she started playing with my pecs. Although my pecs are much bigger and shaplier now, at that time, I was very impressive. She began to suck on one of nipples while her hand grabbed my cock. I lifted her head towards my mouth and we began to kiss.
    I had had many blowjobs before, from both men and women. But I had never until that moment tasted my sperm before. She kissed me on the lips and her tongue snaked its way into my mouth, between my teeth. I sucked on her tongue like it was her clit. Somehow she had saved a dollop of my cum and shovelled it into my mouth. It tasted salty, but not unpleasant. As I swallowed my own spooge, she tried to give me a tonsillectomy with her tongue. Fortunately I had my tonsils removed several years earlier but I did enjoy the effort.
    As our tongues snaked around each other, my hand went to work on her clit and pussy, while she was pulling on my pud. Like I promised, my shaft began to harden quickly while she began moaning into my mouth. My finger found her clit and that little hot button was hard as a rivet. I began to stroke her clit, pushing it, pulling it, rubbing it. She began to push against my finger moaning and moving her hips in rhythm to hand ministrations. Slowly, so slowly, I inserted a finger into her pussy. As I wormed one digit into her hole she began to move her hips against me, inserting my finger deeper. As I fucked her hole with the first finger, a second finger found itself working into her wet snatch. When I pushed a third and then a fourth into her, the moans got louder and louder. She sucked on my tongue as if she was going to pull it out of my mouth. There we were, my cock as hard as it had ever been, both of her hands around it, pumping the shaft up and down, while I fucked her snatch with four fingers. We pumped each other until her body began to shake and tremble. Her mouth broke suction with my mine and her moan began like a low mewling sound which escalated into a loud groaning that threatened to break the windows in her bedroom. Her body tensed and rose up from the bed as I continued to punish her twat with my fingers. My thumb found her clit and assailed that little joy button as her body arched in pleasure. Her orgasm washed over in her waves, first little ripples than a huge quivering, shattering orgasm. Her body was covered in sweat, her tits heaving up and down as she slowly laid itself back onto the bed.
    My cock was as hard as it had ever been. She reached for my shaft, wrapping both hands around it, pulling me towards her mouth. She told me to let her pussy rest for a second and I slid my cock between her huge tits. Sliding it between those two nippled beauties as the head of my cock entered her mouth. I enjoyed her tongue wrapping itself around my cock head, but I had already dropped one load into that mouth. I wanted my cock to be buried in that marvelously tight, wet snatch that my fingers had just experienced.
    I pulled my cock, albeit reluctantly from her mouth and moved my body down to place my cock head against the entrance to her cunt. I rubbed my cock head against the pussy lips. Up and down my shaft moved. The head of my cock rubbing her twat. My precum mixing with her pussy juice to lubricate the tip of my shaft. She began moaning again. She told me to push it in. I just smiled and held my position, rubbing my cock against her cunt.
    She pushed herself against me and the head of my cock started sinking into the hottest, wettest, tightest pussy I have ever felt. I honestly thought, God you can take me now because it does not get any better than this. Agonizingly slowly she impaled herself on my cock. Her pussy devoured my organ, inch by inch as she bit her lower lip in satisfaction. When I slipped past the farthest point at which she had been penetrated previously, her twat was even tighter. A moan escaped from her lips as she said Oh God, you are huge. She had never had a cock my size before. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she orgasmed again. My cock felt like it was inside a vaccuum cleaner. I have never before or since been inside a pussy like that. Her cunt muscles individuallys wrapped around and squeezed my meat in succession. Up and down the shaft they went. When my balls finally rested against her perfect ass, I could see the outline of my cock head up by her belly button. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulled my head down towards her, she whispered in my ear, fuck me hard and fast now. So I did.
    My hips pistoned against her crotch in a blur. She raised her hips against me, grinding her pussy against my crotch, swallowing my shaft with her cunt. I could feel her clit rubbing against my shaft as I drove it balls deep time and time again. I could feel my balls beginning to swell in heat as she grabbed me again and again. When her next orgasm hit again it was all I could do not blow my own nut. Somehow I held out for a few more strokes. Her clit was vibrating against my shaft as she kept cuming, again and again. My balls were bursting, aching to blow my nut. Her ass kept bouncing up and down off the bed, begging me to fuck her harder. I did the best I could. Finally, I could not control myself any longer. I pouned my meat into her as harder and harder. She kept cuming, her pussy squeezing my cock. With my entire shaft buried in her, balls deep my cock exploded. I flooded her cunt with my man seed. Hot gushing jism filled her snatch as my balls pumped and pumped. Her orgasm caused her cunt to squeeze my cock in a vise like grip. As I filled her up, she moaned telling me how hot my spooge felt inside her. We rocked and pushed against each other, her clit grinding into the base of my shaft. As our orgasms subsided, my body relaxed against hers and she pulled me close.
    We began kissing and the night was just beginning. When I finally pulled myself out of her bed, the sun was coming up over the dorm roof. We fucked all night, doggy style, she rode me like I was a horse. Each time it was the same. I have never experienced such orgasms before than or since. Unfortunately, she left campus shortly afterward and we were never able to hook up again. I did hear that she had a very light skinned baby after she married her fiance in a hurry.
    Let me know if you want to hear more.
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