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Oct 10, 2005
Cleveland (Ohio, United States)
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As I have said before, I am a bit of a show-off. Most bodybuilders are and I wear as few clothes as possible whenever I can. Best example, the beach. Last summer I had stuffed my softie into a speedo and took off down the shoreline for a little walk. Now when you have a XXXL size chest and a M waist, people notice. When you hang 21" guns off the side, well I believe it is a nice package to not only look at, but to fuck. By the way, my softie produces a very noticeable bulge in my speedo.
Well, I walked down the beach, trolling for some action. One of my favorite things is to hang out with the tourists and get into some threesomes with a husband and wife who are on vacation and looking for a little fun. I love to destroy some horny housewife's pussy while her husband stares and whacks off. I had noticed a couple of candidates, but needed to relieve myself before starting to make my moves, so I slipped into the public restroom on the beach.
There I was taking a leak, my softie hanging out between my tree trunk thighs. I never stand close to the urinal, I like to let anybody look who wants to see what I am packing. So my softie was hanging out about 6" and I was almost ready to squeeze off when I felt somebody taking a gander. I looked to my left and saw some dude standing there, staring at my softie. This guy looked like a wannabee bodybuilder. Nicely toned, but nowhere near my size or mass. He also was sporting a bulge in his swim suit. Well anyway, the dude was just staring at me and me being the show off, did not hide anything. In fact when I was done pissing, I just turned to the dude with my cock hanging out. I jerked it a few times and asked him if he like what he saw.
Dude actually licked his lips and looked over his shoulder. Now I love to have my cock sucked by some muscled up dude. I also love to fuck them in the ass. This guy had a please fuck me look all over his face, but he was nervous since we were in a public restroom. I looked over at the handicapped stall and nodded. He nodded back and I walked over to the overly large stall and waited for him to join me.
This guy walked into the stall, closed the door and sunk to his knees. He pulled his cock out and he was as hard as rebar. Nice size too. I guessed about 8" and discovered later that I was right on. He mumbled about how I was soft and almost as big as he was. Then he took my cock into his hand and began to stroke me. I put both hands on his head and pulled him onto my cock. My meat began to harden and I pushed myself into his mouth. This guy, while not maybe a world class cocksucker, was definitely all pro. My cock grew to full size quickly. The head of my shaft was bouncing off this guy's tonsils. He quit sucking and stood up grabbing his cock and my cock in separate hands. He held our two shafts together and was amazed at how much larger I was than him. He rubbed our cocks together, masturbating both of us with his hands. His cock shaft felt hot and smooth against the side and bottom of my meat. I began to fuck his fist and asked him if more was in the offing, because I certainly could not fit my meat back into my speedo.
He glanced again at the closed door. I said dude, you can swallow my load or take it up your ass, but one way or the othe, I am dumping a load into you. Since I outweighed the dude by at least 50 pounds of muscle, he was in no position to argue. I don't think he really wanted to put up much of a fight.
The dude then turned toward the door of the stall, bending over slightly. I smiled and said it had been awhile since I had a nice piece of muscle ass. The guy looked over his shoulder and smiled. I pushed the head of my cock against his asshole. Nothing doing at first, so I spit on the head and rubbed it around his asshole. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back against me while I was pushing my cock into him. As my engorged cock head slipped into his asshole, he moaned and moved his hips back. My shaft started to sink inch after inch into his bottom. Damn I thought, this guy is hot, but I did not think I was the first to find this out.
After the initial penetration, my cock began to move into him easier. In no time at all, I was balls deep into the guy. I leaned against his ear and rested for a second. I could feel his ass and colon adjusting to my size and I asked him if he had ever had a bigger cock. He said once, while he was in college. He said his roommate had 13" and used to fuck him at least twice a day, even if the guy got laid elsewhere. This hooked him on ass fucking, but his wife did not know about it. And even though I am near 13", he said I was the biggest he had in a long time and he wanted me to fuck him hard and fast.
That is just the way I like it too. Hard and fast. I pumped my oversized shaft into his gut fast. My balls were banging against his balls. My hands on his shoulders held him tight against me. Dude began moaning and groaning. He said he was getting close to blowing his load as my shaft massaged his prostrate and drove him closer and closer to the promised land.
Well I reached around his waist and started stroking his cock for him. He reached between our legs and massaged our nut sacks together. I pounded him for about 15 minutes when he moaned and shot a huge load against the stall door. I actually heard his cum splat against the door and run down the metal. This got me even more excited and I began to pump harder. When I could not hold myself back, I plunged my cock into his ass as far as I could and felt my balls start to pump and unload my spooey into this guy's ass. He was massaging my balls as I pumped and pumped. My orgasm seemed to go on for a minute.
We caught our breath and then the guy asked if I would like to go and meet his wife. She had seen me walking down the beach, was hooked on bodybuilders and had sent her husband to find me and see if I wanted to fuck her. He said they do this all the time on vacation, but I was the biggest bodybuilder she had ever seen.
Well I said I would love to meet her and see what she looked like. He said that she had 36DD boobs and was an aerobic instructor. I said that it sounded like a good idea, but my cock was covered with cum and shit. He said no problem and got to work cleaning my shaft better than I could with a rag.
Let me know if you want to know about the wife and me.
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