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    The dude did a very serviceable job on my shaft. We put ourselves back together and left the bathroom. He was walking a little bow legged but he told me that was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. I asked him about his wife. He told me that she was 36DD-26-37, very toned and a little on the muscular side, especially her quads. Now this sounded exactly like my cup of tea.
    We walked down the beach for about 5 minutes when this totally hot babe, kneeling on a towel starts to wave at us. When we got to the towel, my cock lurched inside my speedo. The dude was not only telling the truth, but she was even better looking than I had ever imagined.
    Her name was Denise and her nipples were poking holes in her bikini top. I felt sorry for the fabric that made up her bra because it was fighting a losing battle with those tits. She was breathing heavy when she stood and introduced herself. Her eyes devoured my pecs and she reached out and squeezed my right biceps and muttered oh god. I performed a double bicep flex for her and she rubbed both of my guns. I swear to god she started moaning as she massaged my arms. The dude said that we should get on up to their room.
    As we walked, I put my arm around Denise and pulled her close to me. She wrapped her arm around me and people walking by had to think that we were the couple in this threesome. Soon we would be coupling but she was rubbing my stomach. Now my abs are probably my weakest part, but even though I don't have a great and defined six pack, my gut is flat and solid.
    When we got on the elevator up to their room, she slid a hand across the bulge of my speedo. Fuck she said as she felt how thick I was. That damn elevator took forever, but we finally got to their floor. The hubby opened the door and I carried his wife over the threshold. Once inside, she was all over me. She pulled my speedo down and started sucking my meat as if she had never had a cock before. She kept moaning about how much bigger I was than anybody else she had ever had. I picked her up off the floor, laid her on the bed and pulled off the bra. Those tits did not move and were perfect. Nipples to suck for hours. When her panties came off, I could see how wet she had become. I could even see some of her female sex juice beaded up on her clit. I had to taste that honey pot.
    So I manuevered her into position and we 69'ed while hubby watched and played with himself. She tried mightly to get my meat down her throat, but a couple of inches were left outside. I on the other hand, had my tongue buried inside her snatch. I felt her clit throbbing on the tip of my tongue as I brought a finger to her hole. When I inserted a finger into her cunt and sucked her clit into my mouth, she came right there. Denise raised her hips off the bed and moaned and ground her pussy against my mouth. My balls were starting to swell. Her tongue felt like it was wrapping itself around my cock head. Her tongue found that spot right under the head, you know the one that is so sensitive. She swirled her tongue around that spot and I tried to shove the last couple of inches inside her mouth, but she started to gag, so I backed off. I worked a second finger into her pussy and kept up the suction on her clit. I was rolling the clit around the inside of my mouth with my tongue, while I held it gently with my teeth. I fingered and sucked her into another huge orgasm. Her hips were bouncing off of my face and she ground herself harder against my mouth. Meanwhile I was shoving my cock up trying to touch my tongue with my cock head inside her.
    As she came all over my face again, I was swallowing her cum as fast as I could. Her pussy juice was like nectar and I don't ever remember a better tasting pussy. She was working a finger into my asshole as she massaged my balls with her other hand. My balls were on fire and I needed to let my cum go. I was moaning into her pussy as she inserted her finger into my asshole. I tried to hold back, I really did. I wanted her to cum again on my mouth so while I was thrashing about under her body, I doubled my efforts on her cunt. I worked two fingers into her and grabbed her clit and began to molest it with renewed passion. Denise drove her pussy against my face as if she was trying to get her pussy to swallow my head. My cock and balls were throbbing as she worked a second finger into my ass.
    Suddenly, both of us exploded together. Denise muttered something around my shaft as the first blast of cum hit her tonsils. For the third time in an hour, my mouth was flooded with her pussy juices. Her clit ground against my mouth as my balls shot load after load into her mouth. Passion washed over us in wave after wave of orgastic delight.
    As the last of my cum oozed from the tip of my meat and I sucked the last of her juice from deep inside her pussy, our arms held each other close. We kept bouncing and grinding against one another as the orgasm rolled on and on.
    Finally, the emotion subsided and we were able to get ourselves under control. Denise slid off of my body and laid beside me, moaning about how she had never cum like that before. She asked how soon until I was ready for the main event. I told her to grab ahold and see what she found. What she found was my half hard cock starting to rise to the occasion.
    We looked over at hubby who was stroking his cock like a madman. I told him to get over onto the bed and get me hard again to service his wife like she needed. Dude jumped up, grabbed my cock and began to suck. Denise just stared at her husband sucking her new lover's cock and I told her its okay because I had already fucked his ass like I was going to be soon fucking her pussy.
    Let me know if you want some more.
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    More, more!!! Never stop!
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