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Oct 10, 2005
Cleveland (Ohio, United States)
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First let me tell you a little about myself. I am a bodybuilder and have been for 34 years. As all bodybuilders are obsessed with the size of their bodies, so am I. My statistics are as follows: 6'; 276 pounds; 59"chest; 34"waist; 21"biceps; 30" quads (thighs). While lifting and working out, I wear tiny little shorts and even smaller shirts, when I wear a shirt that is. As you can see, I am an exhibitionist and I love to show off the hard work that 3 years of lifting weights has produced.
Many people, both men and women approach me in the weight room to compliment me, touch me and ask my advice. I don't mind it one bit. In fact, I love it when people touch me, rub my biceps, marvel at the size of my lats and stare. More than once a women would approach me, say that she does not want to be my size but could she ask me a question. I always say yes as her eyes wander all over my body and envariably, they always want to know what to do about that jiggly flesh under the arms, the triceps area. Well I always have several different exercises for that area.
One day, I was performing one of those exercises, triceps presses as I was lying on an incline bench. Since I had 110 pounds on the bar as I was doing this exercise, I was concentrating. For the those who don't know, you lower the bar in this exercise behind the neck down and then press the bar over your head. I always do four sets of at least 12 reps. Well this always pumps me up, all over.
When I finished this set, this young dude walked over to me. He was about 18-19 years old and very skinny. I had noticed him staring at me when ever we were in the weight room together. He approached me, staring at me and asked if he could ask a question.
I was pumped up all over. I had not gotten laid in a couple of days and I was feeling mischievous, wondering how far this would go. I said sure.
He wanted to know how I got so huge. The envy in his eyes was palpable.
Since this was the last set of my two plus hour lifting session, I was pumped all over. I stretched and flexed my biceps for him, apparently unintentionally, but quite on purpose. He gasped a little as my biceps hit a nice double peak and the triceps bulged out from the bottom of my arms. Knowing that this guy thought I was doing roids, many guys think I am on juice, but I am 100% natural, I decided to have some fun.
I told him that I used to be his size. He wanted to know how I got so huge. So I told him when I was his age, I was lifting in a gym and there was this huge bodybuilder there, bigger even than me. I told him that I asked this guy the same thing.
What was the answer he asked.
The guy told me that to get huge like he was, I had to give him a blow job and swallow.
The young kid got this real funny look on his face.
Sperm is full of protein I told him that this is what the guy said. And since the sperm was from a huge bodybuilder, not only was it protein, but bodybuilder protein.
The kid looked around the room, no one else was in there. I stood up and he could see the bulge in my shorts. I always wore very tight shorts with very short leg holes. I walked past him, to the bathroom. Turned and looked at him and he started walking my way.
We walked into the bathroom, I locked the door. He stared at me, stared at my bulge. Yes for those of you wondering, I am not like many bodybuilders. I am hung. My cock is 6" soft and between 9" and 10" hard, depending on the size of the chick's tits or the muscles of the guy I am about to bang. This young guy then actually licked his lips. I pulled my shorts down. My cock was hanging there, between my thighs. He dropped to his knees, grabbed my cock and started licking the head. He ran his tongue up and down the sides of my shaft. Cupping my balls. As my shaft started to lengthen and thicken he opened his mouth, swallowing as much of shaft as possible. I have never been deep throated when fully hard (that is another story for another time) but this kid sure did try.
I quickly became hard. His head bobbed up and down on my shaft. It dawned on me that I was not the first cock that this guy had sucked. He ran a finger around my asshole and started fingering my ass. I love it when someone does that. I started fucking his throat. He tried to take all of me but I was just too long. I was able to get all but about 3" into his mouth.
As he worked a second finger into my asshole, I moaned because I was getting close. I grabbed his head with both of my hands, pulled his mouth down onto my shaft and unloaded a big wad of cum into his greedy mouth. He swallowed and swallowed. As I said I had not been laid for several days and had a good amount saved up.
He did not miss a drop. When he was finished, he licked my shaft clean and stood up. As I pulled up my shorts, he asked if I would be there on Wednesday. With a smile I said yes. Funny thing, the guy is getting bigger now and its only been three months. Took me almost six months for this supplement to start working on me.