Bono got me laid (aka random reasons for sex!)

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    I was talking about this tonight and it made me laugh so i thought i'd share.

    Some years back i worked for a Scandinavian mobile phone company (you know who) and i was sent to Ireland to fix a cell site and was staying in the Clarence hotel. Knowing nothing about the hotel after a show, shave etc etc I went downstair to the Octagon bar.. Nice enough, nothing fantastic but quite a lot of irish totty.

    Randomly i got talking to the smallest rather bizarre Austrian woman in history and she was a U2 nut and i mean nut.. Over the hour we talked it transpires the Octagon is owed by the boys in U2 and they're known to frequent it and that's why she was there. She's been there for a week already, night after night in the bar seen nothing. Tonight was the last night and still no Bono, so she'd decided just to enjoy the night out.

    When the bar closed it was upstairs to my room, with far too many questions being asked about "did Bono design the rooms?" before getting naked and having some very energetic fucking.

    She had to be 5ft an not more (could be less) and it just made my cock look huge ... Wasn't the best night of my life and i swear she was raging mad but i will publicly thank Bono for not turning up thus getting me laid!

    Have you guys and girls got any weird reasons for getting laid ?
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