Book : "The Surrender" by Toni Bentley

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    I read this book in French and found it hot and interesting.
    Who else did and what do you think of it ?

    The Surrender

    Excerpt :

    His was first. In my ass.

    I don’t know the exact length, but it’s definitely too big—just right. Of medium width, neither too slender nor too thick. Beautiful. My ass, tiny, tight, and tightly wound. Twenty-five years of winding as a ballet dancer. Since age four. Turning out the legs from the hips winds up that pelvic floor like a corkscrew. I worked my gut all my life standing at that ballet barre. Now it is being unworked.

    His cock, my ass, unwinding. Divine.

    This is the back-story of a love story. A back-story that is the whole story. A second hole story, to be exact. Colette declared that you couldn’t write about love while in its heady hold, as if only love lost resonates. No hindsight for me in this great love but rather behind-sight. This is a story where the front matter is brief and the end matter is all. When you’ve been sodomized as much as I have, things get both very philosophical and very silly very quickly. My brain has been rocked along with my guts.

    As he enters me I let go, millimeter by millimeter, of the tensing, pulling, tightening, gripping. I am addicted to extreme physical endurance, the marathon of uncoiling intensity. I release my muscles, my tendons, my flesh, my anger, my ego, my rules, my censors, my parents, my cells, my life. At the same time I draw him inward. Releasing out and pulling in, one thing.

    Bliss, I learned from being sodomized, is experiencing eternity in a moment of real time. It is the ultimate sexual act of trust. You could really get hurt—if you resist. But push past that fear, literally pass through it, and ah the joy that lies on the other side of convention. The peace that is past the pain. Once absorbed, it is neutralized and allows for transformation. Pleasure alone is mere temporary indulgence, a subtle distraction, an anesthetization while on the path to something higher, deeper, lower. Eternity lies far beyond pleasure. And beyond pain. The edge of my ass is the sexual event horizon, the boundary beyond which there is no escape.
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