Bottoming out with less than 6.5"

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Dan the man, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Dan the man

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    Mar 15, 2008
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    I found this reply by someone on a blog and thought it was interesting seeing as how bottoming out with a female tends to be something only associated with guys who are over 7 or 8 inches.

    "On Measuring: Always do it from the pubic bone (to even the field for the cherubic), press “slightly” on the fat pad with your ruler. If you measure soft, stretch your ding dong, get your measurement. When you measure hard, the ruler should be horizontal to the ground - no pulling. Girth? Use your thickest/widest point. I used to think (like most guys) that I was smaller than most guys. I’ve never seen another guys erection and convinced myself that the other guy would always be bigger. Also, in my early 20’s, one of my girlfriends told me I had a small dick during an argument (bitch). This was in the 80’s (no internet, no info). So for years I felt inferior. No other female comments positive or negative for 20 years - maybe 20-30 girls. Then one day while camping with friends, my then girlfriend told some other girls that I had a big dick - right in front of me! I was SHOCKED (you can’t buy that kind of rumor!). Later I asked her why she said that, she said because it was true and I already knew it. More shock. From that moment on, I’ve asked every partner about my size (even tho that makes me look lame) and all said bigger than average (and quit fishing for compliments egomaniac). So, now I no longer have a complex (swapped it for an ego) - but am amazed how one comment from an angry girl had so much impact for so long. Also, I can “bottom out” with most partners, and none like it (I do, makes me feel HUGE!). So how big is my whopper? Only 6.4 long and 5.25 girth. Not really big at all compared to what you often read… Of the 15-20 girls I’ve asked, not one has seen a really big dick on any of the guys they’ve been with - probably 75-100 guys total. Bottom line? Quit worrying."
  2. B_Mademoiselle Rouge

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    My husband bottoms out all the time and he's roughly 6.5 inches. Its obvious that the longer the penis the more likelihood of it happening. But women are built all differently, i know all different kinds of women who cant wear tampons and they don't compare to cock size.

    It doesnt take much for me to bottom out in certain positions. I've seen some ladies like Amazing Ty take some long objects. It ain't for me. I'll take my husbands length any day over a super long one.
  3. AlteredEgo

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    Every man I've ever been with has bottomed out with me. The range in size has been 4.5"-10".
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