Bound and Determined

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    robzranger: I was bound and determined that I was going to get into shape this time. At 35, 5'11", 175 pounds and 20% bf I'm deff not happy with this body. It seems I can never seem to convert that extra 20 pounds of fat into muscle. Oh sure, I've tried and tried and tried. But every time I go to the gym, every time I hire a personal trainer, I wind up with my cock buried in some muscle stud's ass for a few hours followed by a great meal, some ice cream and then more fucking the slut as a thank you for dinner. There';s one thing I've learned about muscle boys, it's that they are insatiable bottoms.

    And so I've kicked my present muscle slut outta the house and headed to the Gold's Gym all the way across town. I had a plan, I knew it would work. I am older 'and' wiser.

    I walked in with my gym bag and looked around. Yeah, it was a gym. The usual muscle heads and few twinks mixed in good measure. There seemed to be plenty of equipment and no waiting. I had picked this Gold's primarily because it was away from my regular crowd and my history of muscle boys. I had also selected this location because it was situated next to the city's public pool with full spa and sauna.

    Tall, blond, built 'n hung walked over to me as I did my best to look confused. "Hi there", he reached out an oversized hand to shake mine, "I'm Brad. How can I help you?"

    We shook hands. I smiled. This asshole actually bounced his gigantic pecs for me as if to intimidate me. I couldn';t help but grin, thinking if he only knew.

    "I';m here to finally get serious about putting on some muscle Brad. I've been a Gold';s gym member now for 10 years and what you see is the result. I'd like a personal trainer three days a week, someone who can work out with me, not just walk me around, someone who can help with diet, someone who's willing to put in the time to help me achieve my goals."

    You could see the dollar signs swimming around in his eyes, "Well why don't we go to my office Mr.?"

    "Stevenson. But I want you to call me Rob."

    "OK, Rob. Let's go to my office, do you mind if we chat a bit. I'd like to get a better sense of why it's not working for you and how I can help."

    We walked off through the workout area. I admit I was a little taken aback by how big this guy was. He was at least 6'7";, maybe 275 pounds and maybe 6% or 7% bf. And, his ass! Normally guys this big have a doorwide caboose, but this guy had a pert little ass that actually moved up and down when he walked.

    Control! Control I told myself. This is the problem! Stay focused and concentrate on the goal!

    Brad's office it turned out was the Manager's office. A little glass, a large desk, a few trophies and supplement display case with a few chairs around a mahogany conference table. Brad went and grabbed some papers from a cabinet behind the desk, "have a seat at the table and I'll just get some paperwork. I want to make some notes."

    I sat at the table and I'll be damned if he didn't bend over and wiggle his ass for me. It was all too much and I could feel my resolve slipping as I struggled to maintain some composure. There must be some sixth sense that muscle boys have about me.

    "There!" Brad came over to the table. I purposely left the head of the table open for him so he could feel like he was in charge.

    "Now. You say you've been working out for 10 years?" he raised his eyebrows in some mock show of disbelief and concern.

    "That's right. Ten years I've been 'trying' to work out, 'trying' to get big and put on some muscle. Now I'm not saying part of it isn't my fault, but the truth is every workout partner or instructor I've ever has had other ideas, making it very difficult for me to complete even a few weeks of training and diet."

    "Excuse me for asking, but why do you think that is?"

    Here it comes, "because Brad, I've got this really huge fucking cock and every guy I meet turns into a fucking cock slave the minute they see my stick."

    You could see he just had no idea what to say. I just smiled and waited. Focus, focus, I told myself. I had a new plan and I was determined to carry it out.

    "Uh, well, yes. Um I'm, well, I have to tell you Rob that that will 'not' happen here. Um, we have only the most professional staff and being, um, straight myself, and I have to tell you that I'm definitely 'not';, he looked right at me so serious, "interested in men at all and I'm a little shocked, well I'm not sure what the hell to say at this point."

    "Well Brad, I understand, but I'm being blunt with you because frankly I'm very serious this time. I think in the past I've let my personal trainers take advantage of me. Plowing their asses several times a day, fucking them and their friends, frankly I've neglected 'me' in the process"

    "Well I can appreciate that."

    "And to continue being blunt Brad, I'm really unhappy when I look in the mirror. My diet is the shits and everyone has a breaking point and I've reached mine. I'm serious about my desire and totally clueless as to where to start or how to train. I need someone to show me the ropes, someone to help me along. I don't have much money, but I'm willing to spend what I have and even incur some debt on my credit cards to do this." I knew talking about money would bring him back to reality and help 'him' focus.
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    robzranger: "Well we have several plans...blah, blah, blah."

    No, he didn't say 'blah, blah, blah' that's just what I heard. I needed him to feel like he was in control again and talking about what he knew gave him that chance. I heard, "$329" and "eight week programs", something about "use of the pool facilities "right" next door" etc., etc., etc..

    Finally after about 30 minutes, he had talked himself out. I had nodded at the appropriate times, looked interested when necessary and waited for my turn, which was now.

    "Brad, I'm going to pay you $29 a month for the use of your facility and $50 a week for you to personally train me. $29 because that's the going rate at 24-hour and $50 because that's all I have"he was about to interrupt me and I held up my hand, "Wait. Hold that thought and let me finish.";

    "Now I know you want to negotiate this and I don't blame you. But I have two selling points of my own and I'm sure you'll agree to my terms."

    The look of incredulity on his face was priceless. It was as if he had just seen a pig fly.

    "First off, I'm going to offer you a $5000 bonus if I reach my goal of 180 and 6% bf", he smiled, "and sit still for a moment while I show you what you get for every pound of muscle I gain over the next six months."

    This is always fun for me. I admit having some exhibitionist qualities and why not? With a cock that's as hard as stone at 15" and as fat around as a two-liter coke bottle, who wouldn't? The best part is my cock starts out at about 3" soft and just inflates into this gargantuan prime AAA man meat.

    I dropped my drawers and underwear and plopped what was now about 5" thin inches on the table and just banged it there a few times.

    Brad was shocked and who wouldn't have been? "Uh, I'm going to have to ask you to stop. I have no interest in anything like this and frankly Mr. Hawkey, this is unacceptable!"

    But I didn't stop. I knew what was going to happen, "Uh,  Rob! No! If you don't stop this immediately, I don't think we can do any business! Uh, I'm going" he looked down it was about 8 going on 9 fatter inches, "to uh, have to", now it was about 10 and really inflating, "I'm not, wow, um, jesh," about a foot now, I was banging it on the table just for show and moving closer to him, grinning from ear to ear. "Um, I..."

    "Shut up Brad" About 13 inches and I was using two hands to waggle it in front of him. "You're a muscle slut boy just like every other muscle slut boy I've ever fucked." 14 inches long but still not totally hard and just a ways to go in thickness. "You've never seen any cock or anything like this. You can just smell 'the man' coming from this fucking monster stick and you're actually afraid at this point that you 'won't'; be able to play with it, to feel it in your ass, or get a chance to suck the man juice that flows from it like honey."

    Fully hard now I walked over to Brad and smeared some precum on his cheeks from my monster cock, a cock I knew was exactly 15" because of the many, many times guys enjoyed measuring it. I was rock hard  and eager myself. A solid 15" fucking inches of meat that no one could believe, let alone escape.

    "Now stick out your tongue. Good boy. Good little slut boy." I jelqed my hands along the incredible length of my cock and fed him a little juice. He actually whimpered at the taste and shifted in his seat.

    "I know Brad. You're just speechless at seeing my huge fucking cock. You're eager to taste it, while at the same time you're torn with the idea that you want to get fucked with it. You're all confused Brad. You've never seen a man cock like this. You probably have a decent sized cock and you've spent years building up that huge fucking body of yours. But now you know it's all for naught. You want this cock, don't you boy. You live to please me and you'd give me anything I want just for the chance to have a lick again, wouldn't you?"

    He nodded his head up and down and whimpered again.

    "You're such a pathetic little shit Brad, just like all the other muscle boys who think they're hot shit until they see my master cock. This is the uber cock Brad, the biggest fucking cock on the planet. Go ahead, I'll give you another bit of juice, open your mouth and you can lick the head while I tell you what you're gonna do you pathetic slut."

    He opened his mouth wide. Maybe with a few months practice he would get the head in, but for now he just put his lips around the head of my cock and started to lick and suck. He started to reach out his hands. "Yeah, you can hold it too. Feel how heavy it is slut boy."

    He was gone. He only had his eyes half open and he was trying in vain to get more and more of my cock head into his mouth. Like all the muscle boys I knew, determination was their life song and he'd do well at stuffing much more cock in his mouth and up his ass. But, right now, I was determined to get what I came for.

    "Now Brad. Here's the deal buddy. You're going to agree to my terms and like 'em. You're so enamored with how charming I am that you';re eager to please me like the puppy dog slut you are. You're going to train me like you've never trained anyone before because, Brad, if you don';t, I won't let you have this cock. You'll know that it's there, but you won't be able to milk it. You won';t have its sweet man cream filling your ass and your gullet. You'll crave my cock and beg me for it, but I'm not going to give in Brad, not this time." Maybe some of that bodybuilding determination was rubbing off on me.

    "Yes, I'm your master and you're my fucking little boy slave. Every time we meet I know you're gonna find ways to brush your ass into my crotch and hope to get me hard. I've been through this for 10 long years boy. I know what tricks you'll play and what you'll do to get a look at my monster schlong. But it won't work boy. To get at this meat, you're going to make me big, really fucking huge. I want a muscle body to match this cock. By the time we're done I want to weight 250 fucking pounds. I want pecs that stick out 6" off my body and biceps and triceps that look like I've got footballs under my skin. I want to be able to do squats with you sitting on my shoulders boy and shoulders wide enough to hold two people. Here's a little more juice, now nod if you understand and agree."

    I leaked a big dollop of man juice and you could see the ecstasy on his face as he swallowed and nodded vigorously using both hands to work this giant fucking cock he that had become his whole world.

    "You're going to be happy with the money Brad and I 'am' going to pay you. I am not going to move in with you and I will not fuck your or let you suck me off unless we reach the milestones you're going to set for me in my training program. I want a rigorous and doable program boi."

    Now for the news he also had to know. "Now I know after I leave you're going to be obsessed with finding a way to get into my pants and spend all of your time worshiping your master's cock. I know you're not going to be able to fuck a woman or get your own rocks off ever again without thinking about my cock. Hell, you'll find you're not able to unload without my permission Brad and although I'm a little sorry about that, that's just the way it is. You are not allow to ever touch your pathetic little shit cock again and if you shoot it will only be when I tell you to. I know my juice is like a drug and you'd be willing to lie and cheat and steal in order to have it, but I'm telling you now Brad, don't. Don't lie, don't cheat and don't steal. I want you to be your usual self after I feed you, or at least as much of your usual self as you can ever be again."

    "Here's a little more juice shithead. Nod if agree to these terms and understand what will happen to you?" I through more juice, an even bigger amount his way and he nodded again, moaning like a cheap whore to get more and more of my spunk. I could see his muscles contract and he was becoming more agitated in his seat. I would have to feed him soon or he would lose it completely and that wasn't my intent.

    "Strip and get on your knees boy. Daddy's going to feed you now and you're going to going to shoot yourself when I tell you to. You'll enjoy this like you've never enjoyed sex before although I'd hardly call this sex. Yes, I know you don't want to leave my cock, but I want you to strip, now dickwad."

    You could see the look of fear and longing in his face as he let go of my cock and jumped up in an effort to strip in record time.
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    robzranger: "You see Brad I've learned lots of things about what sluts men are for my monster meat and I think I've been far too lenient about letting them have what they want to my detriment. I mean getting my rocks off an unloading", I hefting my baseball size balls up in my hand, "huge fucking rocks is fun and all, but I want more Brad."

    He had stripped at this point and was on his knees in front of me. "Please sir, please may I suck on your cock, please fill me up with your juice."

    "Oh Brad, you're so sweet", I smiled down at him or at least a little down. At 6'7" even kneeling he was almost at my pecs. "I can see I was wrong about you having a decent sized cock though. Damn boy what is that like 5" hard?"

    "4" inches master. I';m so sorry."

    "Well boy, that's ok", I bitched slapped him a few times before I let him grab hold of it and start sucking again. "I know I was at the head of the line when it came to getting man meat. Hell, I think several guys didn't get a chance as I took it all. And, frankly Brad, that's OK. You're going to get as much of my cock as you 'earn' I'm going to change my ways starting with you. I know I';m demanding a great deal from you and I don't even know if you're able to meet these demands, but I have to start somewhere. I have to see if this 15" cock is good for more than just filling slut mouths and slut pussies like you."

    "Now you've been a good boy so far and I expect you';re going to be an even better one in the next few days. You can see I brought my gym bag with me and we're going to start as soon as I feed you your first load. You're going to get started right away on creating a routine and a diet plan for me. I'm going to go out and work out a little while you do some paperwork and I'll be back tomorrow to see what you';ve drawn up. Remember, you won t get another load from me until we make my first goal so you better think hard about how to turn me into a muscle stud like yourself. Got it?"

    He nodded his head and sucked like crazy.

    "OK well take it boy. Take your first load."
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