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    Does anyone have any access passwords for this site. I can't help but think there was a website that offered free user names and passwords to various sites. Can anyone help me?
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    LPSG don't play dat:

    LPSG Terms of Service (Updated 7/2007)
    1. As used below, "LPSG" refers to the Large Penis Support Group, its owner, or his designated agents. "Content" refers to words, images, or multimedia attachments submitted by a user to LPSG, in the forums, galleries, chat rooms, or private messaging areas.
    2. These violations will result in a ban on the user's account:
      • Use of an account by any person under 18 years of age.
      • Falsification of one's date of birth.
      • Use of more than one account by the same person.
      • Use by more than one person of the same account.
      • Distribution of sexually explicit content involving minors.
      • Publication of the personally identifiable information of private individuals without their consent.
      • Attempts to hack into any unauthorized area of LPSG.
    3. These violations are subject to a sanction up to, and rarely including, permanent ban, depending on (cumulative) severity:
      • Nude avatars.
      • Commercial advertisement, flooding, and other forms of spam.
      • Content that jeopardizes the board's legal status.
      • Passwords or cracks to LPSG or any other website.
      • Harassment of, or threats against, other LPSG members.
      • Content whose primary purpose is to disrupt or inflame.
      • Senseless or unrecognizable content.
    4. Notwithstanding the above conditions, LPSG reserves the right to deny access to any member, at its sole discretion.
    5. By submitting content to LPSG, you grant us an irrevocable, non-exclusive license to display the content. You represent that the content identifies no people under the age of 18, and that you are legally qualified to grant us this license.
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