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    BIGBOYDAVE: Hi To All Members of LPSG
    I originally Posted A mesage in The Meet and Greet board under Other sites that you visit.
    It was Regarding unfair practices alowed to Occur on a site called I know many on here have check it out as it has been refered to in Discussions. I also note that a lot of Members of LPSG use this site as there homepage. I have found it a good site to look at great Cock Pics But up on untill a few months ago it was a fair site . Now it seems to be dominated by a few Individuals who wish to Be Number 1 in the Ratings. I have contacted the Administrator regarding this I have observed two abusers and pointed them out to him . In all fairness he did Temporarly deal with one of the abusers but refuses to deal with the other in fact making excuses for this person.
    As I have noted these two seem to be able to do some form of Multiple Block Voting How I don't know as I am not that computor save'.
    But every day as new users come up in the Ratings They are Quickly disposed of using this same method of Block voting.
    These abusers have been observed by me and others actually reciving thousands of votes in a few minutes.
    The administrator of the site is now appearing to be oblivious to what is going on or refusing to deal with it.
    I admit the two perpertrators WALLY AND WOPPER have nice cocks but there are many others of equal or superior quality Yet they are being denied equal billing.
    To some this may seem trivial but Remember this site is supported by much Advertising and the administrator and oweners of the site are making moiney from it.
    I am asking for your support to contacy the administrator and make him aware that you too see what is going on and find it unfair and request that something be done to bring back some form of fairness.
    I had originally posted a picture of my cock to there site after seing others from LPSG on there . However I asked The Administrator To remove my contribution. Until I see an imorovement in There Site I wish not to assist them in Any way.
    If You got to there site to check it out Please Click on there contact button on Bottom of Page . You can then let them Know what you think.
    Any and all Feedback Is appricated.
    The profile Pages of the TWO chief Culprits are
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