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Boyfriend Wants Me To Cuck Him?

Discussion in 'Ask a Gay Man' started by 1005027, May 15, 2019.

  1. 1005027

    1005027 Guest

    my boyfriend wants me to fuck someone else in front of him and I’m not sure about it all. It’s never really crossed my mind much until he brought it up. Of course threesomes and such have been a fantasy of mine but mostly when I’m jerking off and then it quickly goes away post cum knowing it might throw off our relationship. I mean when he told me it was definitely hot to think about I’m just unsure how and if our relationship dynamic would change. Have any of you guys done anything like this before and how was it?
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  2. 501291

    501291 Guest

    Well you certainly have the cock for it. If he brought it up and your sure he won't weird out in the middle of it why not if as you said "threesomes and such have been a fantasy of mine". I'd also discuss it with the other guy that it would have to stop if it got too uncomfortable for anyone. I've been in all 3 positions of the situation and can tell you it can be a very hot session. Keep in mind cuck is very different from threesome. In str8 cuck it's typically humiliation play to the one watching. But with gay cuck I find it more on the highly erotic. The ability to as you and the other guy about how it's feeling and you 2 asking him what he likes best and how he's liking watching it. The verbal part is amazing.

    If anyone else has experienced this give your thoughts I'd like to know what others think. Likes, dislikes about the scene
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  3. emmyfan

    Gold Member Platinum Gold

    Jun 26, 2006
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    Chicago (IL, US)

    Did you two discuss this anymore?
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  4. 364368

    364368 Guest

    I’ve only chatted n jerk off with an x bf about watching him get fucked. We both have huge loads when we chat about it but it never happened. Wish it did
  5. 2077581

    2077581 Guest

    An ex of mine used to love watching other guys fuck me. It was hot. Nothing to do with why we broke up.
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