Brainstorming on penis size and dating...

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    Hello LPSG!
    First post, actually second since this is copy and pasted from another forum topic group
    Stats: 9" by 6.5" grower
    Brainstorming request: How should men take advantage of size in the dating world, any clever ideas ladies on leveraging our endowment?

    My thoughts: In dating everyone has traits they desire. The traits I desire in girls make them more attractive to other males also, therefore they can be selective in who they date.
    I can show my physical traits, my humor, my intelligence, etc. to others easily, but not captain happy.
    A real world example is I have started going out with women 5'10" or taller because they can wear high heals and not feel "huge", they really like this alot, more than I would have imagined (I am 6'4"). So, I am using a trait they desire to get what I want, as in I am not totally obsessed with tall women, but since I can offer them something they really really like, I might as well seek them out if they have something I really really like.
    So far I have found my size gives me confidence, sometimes it can get out in girl's social circles which leads to good things, and sometimes I can subtly communicate what is going on down there during close contact. Any other clever ideas on how to take advantage of my ba-dunk-a-dunk ?
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