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Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Kevbo, Dec 2, 2007.

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    This has probably been addressed in the past, but just to sum up, some related questions for the women:

    1) Are your breasts sensitive? If so, do they need significant stimulation [biting, pinching] to become aroused or will a light touch do? Can you have "breastgasms"? (Seems silly to ask, but I've known several women who don't get much out of breast play, and I'm told by plenty of other women that I know what I'm doing there so I'm thinking that some women just don't have sensitive breasts.)

    2) If "yes" to 1), do you prefer a "progression" in sex -- sort of the ole baseball metaphor -- where the guy starts out on your breasts, which starts a chain of arousal that leads very quickly to your vagina? I've been with a few women who frankly told me that they didn't realize how "dangerous" it was for them to let a guy play with their tits -- it became a sort of "gateway drug" to other pleasures.

    3) Does breast play do much for you after penetration has started? If so, does steady stimulation there work, or does sudden sharp stimulation at certain "crucial points" :rolleyes: work?

    4) Do you use your breasts to "wrap around" or "hug" your partner's penis when giving oral sex? If so, does it do anything for you physically, or is more the psychological effect you know it has on your partner?

    5) Do you ever pleasure your own breasts? (I know many women will pinch their nipples to harden them, to test transparency of dress material and such, and I've met a few women who pinch their nipples lightly during sex, but I haven't met a woman yet who masturbates her breasts substantially.)

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    Answers given are in Blue.

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