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    I don't give a crap about the oscars, it's nothing more than a frat house circle jerk in a room full of desperately insecure people craving attention, but the blowback Ratner got hit with by his use of the other "F" word I think is making a mountain out of a mole-hill . And after the way they threw james franco under the bus I'd say ratner and murphy have dodged a bullet. I mean why get james franco if u didn't want him to be james franco?

    I don't believe Ratner is a homophobe,and Eddie Murphy has been with a transgender, so he seems tolerant at least, and anyway "the other "F" word" used in that context wasn't used as hatespeech, it's just part of the lexicon at this point. He wasn't calling anybody a "F". If he has said rehearsal is for babies would that have offended babies and parents everywhere because it implies babies are weak and count less than other human beings?

    In the grand scheme of things this is hardly the worst of hollywood homophobia, I'm far more offended by gay actors pretending to be str8 in order to satisfy the bigoted culture and further thier careers. The closeted gay queens that run hollywood are the ones that discriminate against gays, it's total hypocrisy. I'm far more offended when gay roles are almost always cast with str8 actors and then the str8 actor going on press tours making sure he mentions that in real life he's str8 (but there's nothing wrong with being gay), he was just kissing a dude on screen (for money?) to show is brilliant acting skills.

    Anyway the show is dull and boring, and it's clear they want to keep it that way....while i might have tuned in just to see if eddie murphy was being eddie murphy, billy crystal is PERFECT for their no risk no reward, offend no viewer policy.

    I not only giver Ratner and Murphy a pass, i think they (and the viewers) got screwed.
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