Brief introduction


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Dec 19, 2005
100% Straight, 0% Gay
Hi, I'm new here, joined yesterday. Now I've had the chance to look around and have begun to feel at home, I thought I should be polite and say hello.

I'm a Brit, London based, very happy to be pretty well endowed, but old and wise enough to have learned that size is best left as a private topic most of the time.

I can remember I had no idea how big I was till I was 14, and read somewhere about what was average size. Of course then I had to check, and I recall looking down and thinking, 'Now don't worry if it's under, there's still time to grow'... and then being pretty shocked to find I was already quite a way above.

It didn't make that much difference to at the time, and though I did feel more self-confident I was still pretty shy. My second transforming moment only came when, after nearly a month of going out with my first girlfriend, we first made love. She was quite a bit more experienced than me, and when we got undressed there was a definite sharp intake of breath and an 'OMG moment' which was such a turn on for me that I confess size did become a fetish for me from that moment.

All of that said, I've never believed it means much by itself in anything but a purely aesthetic sense, and reckon practically every girlfriend I've ever had would much rather an average guy with a great tongue and a lot of time to a huge guy with no interest in her and no technique. I've only ever met one real size queen in my time - admittedly a treat as she got off on a lot of dirty talk about my size, which I have to say did do it for me - but other than sex we had nothing much in common and I've had much nicer experiences with 'ordinary girls' who had more brains and better sense of humour.

Anyway, just wanted to say it's good to be here, but let's remember that being big never stopped someone from being an idiot - trying to be decent, friendly, honest & sensitive really is more important.

Oh, and how about cutting out some of the exaggeration, too? I'm not the biggest guy here by a long shot - 8 1/4 inches long, albeit pretty thick (close on 7 ins around) but I've never felt the need to claim more, and since I'm not "too shy" to post some pics (see my gallery), I can see that for all the talk of 10, 11 inches and more round here there aren't so many bigger than me. See you all around.