Bright Green Sneakers (working title)

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    I'm gonna give this Fictitious Stories thing a try! This one's based off an embarrassingly vivid dream I had the other night :cool: Bear with me, it's my first time writing erotica, and it may come off anywhere from inconsistent to just plain bad.

    Part 1: Thursday.

    I threw my thoughts at the laptop keys as fast as my fading consciousness allowed me to. Three more sentences of my essay, finished, bringing the conclusion to a conclusion. Good enough for tonight. I saved the draft to my pen drive and sent a copy to the floor printer, so I could check through it at my leisure. Then I turned the laptop off and turned it over to the work-study at the college library's main desk. Liam's elbows were resting on the counter, his head down, shaggy black hair obscuring his face.
    "Done for tonight, Conrad?" he said without moving. He sounded more than half asleep, but a little surprised.
    "Yeah, I gotta get some sleep. Early class tomorrow morning, all that jazz. Plus, you guys have to close up soon, don't you?"
    Liam looked up, blinked, then turned his head to read the clock behind him. "I guess so! Thirty minutes, and you and all your friends have to be out of here, you got that?"
    "Yes, sir!" His face was deadpan, but I couldn't suppress a snicker. The last person there besides me had left fifteen minutes ago.
    Liam took the laptop, peeked underneath to check the numbered sticker, then slid the computer into a cabinet with its fourteen identical mates. As he made a note on the laptop sign-out sheet, I swung by the table I'd been sitting at for the past four hours to put on my coat and grab my backpack, then over to the printer to grab my essay.
    "Yo, when are you gonna get your own laptop fixed? Midterms are week after next, and this can't be your ideal study arrangement." Liam finally stood up, shorter than me even with the raised floor at the main desk, and wheeled the laptop cabinet over to lock it up with the other electronics.
    "What, you wanna get rid of me or something? You'll be even more bored trying to stay awake," I grinned. It was rare this early in the semester to have repeat customers, so to speak. When I came in three days in a row after my laptop broke, he began to strike up random conversations with me. "It's in the works. I took it in Tuesday."
    "What's up with it, anyway?"
    "It's a hard drive failure, so they've had to find me a new drive and try to get the files off the old one."
    "Yeesh. That'll run you some money." Liam, as a second-year Comp Sci major, understood the situation at least well enough to sympathize. I was going to college for psychology; I knew nothing about how electronic brains worked.
    "Don't remind me. I got it covered though." I'd saved up a little from my own on-campus job, staffing the equipment cage in the fitness center. I finished stuffing the essay printout into my backpack and slung it over my shoulder.
    "Well, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Would suck during midterms not to have it." Elbows back on the counter, Liam rested his face on his fists with a blank look as I walked past him on my way to the stairs.
    "Haha, tell me about it. I'm sure you'll see me again tomorrow. Don't close up until my friends are all gone!"
    He made a goofy face at me as the stairwell doors swung shut.

    I took the steps two at a time and opened the first floor doors to the vestibule. Deathly quiet, and unheated, as usual. The high ceiling amplified the slight creak of the pivoting hinges as the doors swung shut. I glanced at the clock on the far wall, even though I knew it was roughly 1:30 AM and the clock itself was five minutes fast anyhow. And I have to walk home in this weather. "Yeah, I sure hope my laptop gets fixed soon," I muttered, heading in the direction of the restrooms. Four hours of Facebook and essay writing I could have been doing in my dorm.
    The restroom looked empty at first glance, but as I walked through, I barely noticed that the stall closest to the door was occupied. As I got into position at one of the urinals, I heard the stall toilet automatically flush. But I didn't hear the restroom door open or close as a guy walked in and stood at the urinal two down from me. Man, it's a busier night tonight than I thought. I looked down at the floor. In my peripheral vision, I saw bright green accents on the newcomer's sneakers.
    Bright green... Something clicked in my beleaguered brain. Not enough to explain why I should be thinking about the bright green, but enough so that I glanced over at his face. I recognized him as a regular gym-goer on campus, one of the people I saw four out of four shifts a week checking out a towel from the equipment cage. Brown eyes, short brown hair, chinstrap beard, about my height. Couldn't remember his name. Probably hadn't ever heard it. Those thoughts vaporized when I realized he was facing in the direction of my crotch.
    Immediately, I snapped my gaze to the ceiling, still relieving myself of four hours of piss. It's just a random chance, I thought, as I shot a quick sideways look - no change, eyes still burning deep into my junk. ...OK, what's going on? I concentrated on emptying my bladder and getting out of there. I didn't hear him actively using the urinal. I didn't really care to check. While washing my hands at the sink, I snuck another glance. This time his eyes met mine. Oh, great, that's even better. I dried my hands and tried not to look like I was rushing out the door as I rushed out the door into the vestibule and out of the vestibule into the night.
    I shrugged my coat and backpack forward for more sleeve space, and bundled my hands into my pockets as I walked back to my dorm. "That was strange enough," I groused as I looked back over my shoulder. Nobody was there. Nobody would have been out on a night like this, anyway. Not this early in the semester, where only people with broken computers go to the library. "Probably the only guy on campus besides me and Liam at this time of night, and it's a fucking creeper. Just your luck, Conrad." But I felt movement in my pants as I walked, and I knew I'd somehow, for reasons unknown, managed to pop a chub. With an aggravated sigh, I hunched over a bit more, keeping myself awake with thoughts of my warm dorm room rather than the object of great interest to Mr. Bright Green Sneakers.
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    I am intrigued to hear more. Keep going!
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    hahaha YES. Nothing says good erotica like the phrase "pop a chub."
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    I am enjoying your writing and look forward to reading more! Keep it coming.
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