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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by RalDudeHangin, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Anyone ever experience this as a top or btm?

    I've been with two guys over the past few years and they've both been average/smaller... maybe about 5". Problem is, unless they stay balls deep in me and grind, they'll pop out.

    It seems like no matter how relaxed and 'ready' I am, it happens. Different positions don't seem to help. It feels like my ass is expelling them. The moment they pull out even a bit, I can feel my muscles contracting and immediately pushing them out. I know that's the body's natural reaction but it seems to be really prominent with me. Proves problemsome with smaller guys and is pretty frustrating.

    I had a reg bud years back that was about 7", maybe a bit longer and this never happened. Seems like his extra length allowed him to thrust in/out without slipping out. He always commented how tight my ass felt even after working it over for awhile. After fucking me , he could barely get a finger back in.

    Is it just me? Maybe I'm not as 'ready' as I think? Do I have an especially restrictive ass? :crazy2: Have I just not been with a good smaller top? Or is this a fairly common thing?

    I'm not a size queen in the least but the next time I'm looking for a FWB, I'm going to hold out for an above average dude to see what happens.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Similar experiences?
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    what position r u using? I used 2 c a guy who was
    ike 4 1/2 and doggy style just didn`t work. he would slip out esp if i was jacking at the time. he had a nice upward angle and we found that having my legs on his shoulders solved that. i think it helped me open up more (i was still new at the time) by spreading my ass (cheecks and sphincter) so that i wasn`t invomlentarily expelling him. I had the best orgasms from him more consistantly than with any of my larger parnters when in that position. hope this helps!
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