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Bull's Perspective

Discussion in 'Ask a Man' started by andypp, May 7, 2019.

  1. andypp

    andypp Experimental Member

    Apr 26, 2019
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    Bristol (GB)
    I guess this might not be an original question to pose, but I did a quick search and nothing came up.

    I've got a pretty strong cuckold / sph fetish, and my wife and I have used these fantasy a fair amount and discussed making them real one day. For now we're keeping it very much as a fantasy (we have life commitments), but we were talking the other day about what the bull gets out of the experience.

    My wife thought that in most cases it was just about having good sex, and the cuckolding part was pretty incidental for the Bull, but I always thought that 'getting one over' on another, less well endowed guy probably added to the experience.

    Be interested to hear the thoughts of any of you who have been a bull (or fantasise about being one)?
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  2. halcyondays

    halcyondays Superior Member

    Feb 22, 2014
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    It's never been about sph for me. I've rarely seen the husband's dick (I prefer it if they keep it in their pants) when I do the wife but the few I have were average and nothing to be ashamed of. If her hubby feels humiliated by either my size or the fact that I'm banging his wife it's his business.

    What do I get out of it? The thrill of banging another man's woman while he watches. The thrill of a woman who wants to be banged while her husband watches. It works because all three of us get off on it.
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