By the Light of the City

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    Driveway: She stood on the other side of the room, backlit and naked. He stood in the shadows by the window, golden light throwing the muscles of his torso into stark relief. His head was turned slightly, to sheild his eyes. She reached out and the light was gone. She wanted him staring at her. She wanted to feel his glittering green eyes on her naked skin.

    The light now poured in from the window, it was the harsh, crystaline blue-silver of city light. Millions of streelights reflected off the skyscrapers that filled the view. One star could be seen between two glass towers, a diamond pin stuck through the night.

    She's so close, he thought. Such a tiny distance away.

    It had been months since they'd been this close. Months since they'd set a fire in each others flesh and each was prepared to savour the minuteness of the space between them.

    She let her eyes trace down his body, from the planes of his face to the rolling slopes of his chest and stomach. Down between his thighs was still in darkness, she let her eyes linger on the blackness, knowing what the night concealed. She felt her insides quiver, the slow burn begin in her abdomen. It's been so long, she thought. This is going to hurt so good. She wondered if he was erect or not, if his manhood still swung between his powerful thighs or if it had filled already. She pictured it both ways, hanging thickly, dangling potential, the promise of delicious pain to come. And full, bloated, massively dangerous. A sexual weapon pointed straight at her quivering lips. She decided that she hoped he wasn't yet. She wanted to watch him grow, feel her fingers stretch around his flesh. God, was she ready for this again?

    Her fingers trembled, her legs, soon her whole body was shivering gently. She could see his muscles twitching, she knew he was feeling the same fire course through his body. She wanted so desperately to cling to him, let him penetrate her deepest recesses, tear her open with his violent pounding. She wanted to scream her ecstacy at the silvered towers, tear rents in his flesh with her fingers, taste him. She wanted to feel his powerful arms lift her, crush her, control her. She wanted him to abuse her trembling body in the way only he could.

    He could feel her desire, it only heightend his own. He could sense her mounting desperation, it was also his. As much as she wanted to be spilt open, he wanted to do the splitting. He wanted to feel the shudders that would spasm through her body as she climaxed around him. He wanted to hear her voice in his ear, begging him to go deeper, harder, the way no one else could. He wanted to feel her teeth on his lips, her claws on his back, her legs wrapped around his waist. He could feel blood rushing towards his groin, swelling his sack. He took one step to the side, letting light spill between his legs. He knew how much she liked to watch.

    Her breath caught as he moved, for a split second she thought he was closing the gap between them. Then her breath caught again. Further torture. Her legs nearly gave out as the urban glow illuminated that which had occupied so many of her waking dreams since he'd gone.

    He was still soft, even so, it caused her insides to clench and melt simultaneously. Did he get bigger? She wondered, casting her mind back to fevered memories of orgasmic pain. was just that he'd already started to grow. She took a half step forwards, involutarily, and stared.

    She savoured the sight, devoured every twitch and surge with her eyes. She didn't notice that her mouth was hanging open, that she was panting. She did notice when he started walking towards her.

    He closed the distance until they were mere inches apart. Her eyes had been torn from his swelling member to his face, flicking over it, gathering every detail the light would allow. Her hands reached out, one to his chest, the other to his manhood. They fell on his skin like burning feathers. Light and deadly. His cock surged in her hand, her eyes half closing as it did, the nails of the hand on his chest digging into his skin. Her insides were trembling constantly now, she flexed trying to quiet them, succeeded momentarily, only to lose complete control when his lips found hers.

    The hand on his cock clenched as he slid his tongue into her mouth. She stepped into his kiss, pointing his erection skyward as she pressed her body into his. She felt the length and breadth of him crushed against her stomach, cresting between her breasts. As she pulled him closer she squeezed her firm breasts together with her elbows, squashing his flared head between them. He moaned against her lips. They savoured this moment of soft contact, of gentle lips, breasts, and hands. Then the moment ended. She bit his lip, he groaned, she tasted blood and crushed his dick harder between her tits.

    She climbed him, her hands moving to his shoulders, her legs wrapping around his waist as she lifted herself into the air. She felt his teeth tear into the delicate flesh of her breasts and his hand twine in her hair, pulling her head back. Her gasp became a deep groan as his other hand lifted her so his terrifyingly fat cock pointed straight into her steaming cunt. She lunged for it with her hips, trying to skewer herself with him. Her arrested her progress, pulling hard on her hair. She grunted and strove for his cock again, desperate to feel it tearing through her. Once again she was thwarted by him. She responded by biting his neck and digging her nails into his shoulders. She felt cords of muscle knot under his skin and sought again to plunge her desperate pussy onto his fucktool. This time he surged forwards to meet her.

    She screamed as massive flesh tore into her. He had driven himself as deep as any other man had ever gone with his first thrust. She squirmed on his dick, shuddering as her overstuffed pussy stretched to accomodate the invader. A small sneeze of an orgasm rippled outwards from her clit, causing her to arch her back, allowing him to slide a fraction deeper. The grating of his head along her walls intensified the sneeze.

    "You fucking bastard." She gasped. "You did that on -oh fuck this hurts- purpose. Deeper, fucking deeper you fucking asshole. OH FUCK!!!" She cried as he complied pulling her further onto his iron pole.

    "Fuck I love your fucking cock. It hurts so god damn much. You're fucking spliting me in half you mother fucking OHHH!" Deeper her went. She responded by driving herself further onto him, her hips bucking against him.

    They fucked this way until he had driven himself all the way to his hanging sack. She came twice before he'd buried himself. Strips of his flesh cluing under her nails, the iron tang of his blood in her mouth. Retribution for the savaging her pussy was taking.

    She wanted more. She wanted to be torn, split in half on his dick, her pussy had stretched so the sharp pain she craved had receeded to a dull ache. She pulled herself off him, felt wetness run between her legs, knew it was hers, not his.

    She turned around and crawled away from him onto the bed, the silver light highlighting the curves of her buttocks. She threw her black tresses over her shoulder and stared back at him from heavy lidded eyes.

    "Fuck my ass. Tear me open, make me scream for you to stop then drive your gigantic dick deeper."

    She lowered her eyes to the object of her lust and shook slightly. It stood outwards from his groin, a monsterous thing. Thick from the very base, straight, corded with veins. It throbbed every now and then, she could see the grotesquly fat head pulsing, the skin stretching to glossiness. She reached back and smeared wetness from her pussy back to her asshole, slid one finger, then two into herself, spreading them. Still she stared at the beast moving inorexibly towards her, her heart hammered in her chest, her tits heaved as she panted.

    It's so fucking big. She thought. So god-damned, mother fucking, pussy splitting big. I fucking love this.

    "Fuck me, lover, fuck the living shit out of me."

    She clenched her fists in the sheets, buried her face and raised her ass slightly. Relax, she told herself. Relax and it'll go easier. Ultimately, though, she didn't want it to go easier.

    "OOOOUUUUNNNHHHhhhhh...." She let out a long, low groan as she felt his head press against her ass. Quickly she soaked her hand with her own lubrication and stroked the head and first few inches of his dick. He began to press himself into her. Her teeth bit down on pillow, her hands tightened in the sheets and she began to scream.

    Slowy, terribly, she was being forced open. His massive prick was spreading her ass apart. She screamed and screamed her delight and pain into the night. Gasping and panting she pushed back against the cock that was doing this to her. Desperate to feel the whole of it inside her, whatever the cost. He grunted and strained, twisting slightly as he forced his way into her. Her hands flung back to grip his pole.

    "Stop...stop..just for a oooohhhhuuuunnnnn...." She came around him, her back bending, fingers fluttering around his cock. In the midst of her climax her felt her muscles relax for a split-second. Seizing the moment he rammed himself into her. His head and the first four inches of dick dissapeared into her stretched ass. Her moan became a scream which became another shaking climax. Again, in the middle of her ecstacy he found his moment and slammed further inches into her. This set her off ferociously. She bucked and screamed and moaned and shook like a wild beast in a trap. Another three inches slid inside her and she lost all control.

    Words were lost to her as she pushed back furiously against the invader, seeking it to go deeper into her. She felt as though she would tear open, split lengthwise. The pain was exquisite. Deeper and deeper she felt him go, stretching her, driving her over the edge of climax again and again. Sweat dripped from her body and juice poured from her pussy. She screamed, moaned, gasped, cried out, tried to beg him to stop, tried to beg him not to.

    Finally he bottomed out. His monster was in. All the way. Now he could really begin to fuck. And fuck her he did. Long, dragging strokes of his dick, in and out, plunging back and forth, her screams became wails of pain and pleasure, her hands clenched and unclenched on the sheets, her eyes stared sightlessly into the night.

    His orgasm came like a freight train running down out of the mountains. His balls swelled, mouth opened, hips bucked once, twice, then he let out a deep moan. She forced herself as far onto his shaft as she could, felt it pulse powerfully inside her. He ground his pelvis into the soft flesh of her ass as he shudderd and groaned. Thick white fluid forced it's way out of her ruined ass around his dick, dribbling down into her snatch and his balls. Finally he collapsed on top of her.

    They lay there in the silver light of the city. His dick still firmly entrenched in her ass, she would squirm under him every now and then, causing herself to climax gently around his gargantuan pole. Eventually sleep came. Morning would follow.

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    Great story. Very well written. Keep up the good work.
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