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    Hey all. 22 year old here from nyc/city area looking for some no strings attached fun. I am definitely straight, so I am only looking for female interaction, sorry gents.

    If sex is not what you're looking for, I absolutely LOVE handjobs, and wouldn't mind going out of my way for one. Don't worry, I reciprocate :)

    I honestly have not gotten any in a very long time and would love to have to ANY sort of sexual interaction with a female.

    I am fun, extremely personable and have no problem making you laugh and have a good time. Did I mention I'm a cutie pie? :) Get in touch with me and I'll send you some pictures.

    Don't be shy! send me a message or an email at I am willing to meet whenever, or even as soon as possible.

    I'm all about having nothing but a good time, and I promise that's what you'll get!!!!

    Also did I mention I have an EXTREMELY nice thick cock? :)
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