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    Cam4 attracts its fair share of guys who get off on teasing others - this boy must rank as pretty high in that league - During January and February of this year he was on virtually every night, playing to the gallery for up to three hours each time. I, of course, was stupid enough to join the masses sitting on the edge of their computer seats in case "tonight was the night" that he would let slip what had been lurking in those oft-aired shorts.

    What we did see, however, promised to impress - the outline of what looked like an enormous, but deformed, fat, curved, downward pointing form. Rumours abounded in the chat that lucky ones actually got to see it in private, and paypal was darkly hinted at. Others said he was so ashamed of it, that he never took it out on cam, not even in private.

    Can anyone here solve the mystery, or am I on to "mission impossible?" Thanks.
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