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    Am I the only person who has never owned his/her own camera? I have no motivation to buy one and really don't want one. I just really don't have the urge to take pictures. Maybe I'll look back and say I wish I took some pictures, but I feel like friends and family take enough fucking pictures of me. I hate posing for pictures, always have a weird goofy smile in them because the person taking them just stands there and waits forever to take the god damn thing. So almost all the pictures of me have a forced smile, closed eyes, etc. etc.. If I'm in the middle of having a great time with people, my buzz is instantly killed by the words, "hold on, I want to take a picture." I am not a good picture taker either. When I am stopped on the street and asked to take one I usually cut out the people's heads(on purpose), maybe focus on the girls rack, or make the people wait inconsiderably long until they mess up on there pose and then I take the picture. That's really the only joy I get out of taking them, to mess them up. Well, I know I am probably alone on here about taking photos, but the only good pictures of me are ones that are taken when I am not looking or not smiling. Of course people don't like it when you are not smiling in a photo, they want to take another one, and another one, and another one, and another one. I don't like fake smiling, unless it's really fake smiling, but then again that's not okay with the photographer. I wish I didn't show up in pictures like a ghost in a movie that no one knows is a ghost. That would really mess with people.
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    cameras are like computers and iPods... if you have no interest then don't swe3at it. we don't need another wanna-be photographer taking 500 horrible pics every day and emailing them to all their friends.

    I've done a lot of work as a free-lance photographer over the years and I get my camera out of the gadget bag only when I WANT to, not because I have to.
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