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    I recently came back from a week of camping up north with a couple of buddies from work.
    Great guys!
    All of us into hiking, the great outdoors...........
    You name it, the kind of stuff that real men enjoy doing together.
    I was wondering how a great looking, bi-guy, hot dude like myself would fair under such conditions with a few other straight gents.
    I knew that if I was kept active enough, I wouldn't think about getting it on with another guy or worst, get into another hot guy's ass.
    These guy's would freak out if they knew how much I was secretly checking them out.
    When the alcohol is flowing, it's amazing how the conversations switches to girls, sex and blowjobs.
    My real weakness was Andrew, the redhead.
    I loved the colour of his skin, his great smile.
    I've always wondered what he was packing down there.
    I didn't go on about it.
    I tried not to let it consume me.
    Although I'm certain I caught him catching a glimpse of my lunchbox on more than one ocassion.
    Fortunately for me, Andrew and I were sharing a tent.
    I was so worried about waking up with a woody.
    Very difficult to hide when you are amply endowed as myself.
    Andrew didn't drink as much as I had liked.
    I was hoping that he'd get drunk and then I'd have to help him to his sleeping bag, undress him, you know the rest.
    Just a fantasy of sorts.
    The campground was nothing to write home about.
    The climbing, trekking was great.
    Close to Cove's Bay.
    The campground had one men's comfort station.
    This is wear it all came off, literally.
    Little did I know.
    Little did I suspect anything, with anyone would occur here.
    I guess this is why it makes this true story unbelievable.
    This is what happened.
    The men's washroom was equipped with two shower stalls, side by side.
    The outer plastic curtin on the shower stall closed so you could undress.
    The inner plastic curtin prevented the water from getting on your dry clothes.
    You with me?
    First thing in the mornings was always a "too" busy time there.
    Lots of men, guys waiting to do their thing.
    Me, I like to enjoy and relax in the shower.
    There isn't a day that goes by where I haven't amused myself in the shower.
    I pride myself in getting these excellent, long, thick, erect cock hardons.
    I enjoy seeing my fully extended cock reach out to the world.
    I delight in creaming myself up, lathering my oversized, low hanging nuts.
    On ocassion, I'd play around with my hole, finger myself, totally getting myself all worked up, only to enjoy the fruits of my labour.
    Long streams of my joy juice.
    Then watch as my flagpole naturally made it's way south, trying to defy gravity.
    When I first checked out the stalls, I knew, being the exibitionist I am, that this had some potential.
    This may not be a bad week afterall.
    The line ups were a turn off.
    I decided it was better to shower at night.
    So night it was.
    It seemed the timing was right.
    There I was, all alone.
    I heard the door close.
    Someone had entered then left again.
    So much for that.
    I went back the second and third night.
    It wasn't until the fourth night that something finally happened.
    As I had done in previous nights, I didn't pull the outer or inner shower curtins all the way across.
    I wanted to make sure that if anyone wanted to check me while showering, I'd make it easy for them.
    I enjoy watching others watch me.
    That only turns me on.
    If it's an eyeful they want, it's an eyeful they'll get.
    I enjoy having my back against the shower wall, full lathered up, erect cock in hand.
    By the fourth day, my cock had become automatically spring loaded.
    It would fire itself up at random.
    Most embarassing.
    I woke up in the mornings with hardons that wouldn't stop.
    Tonight was the night.
    I was going to take matters into my own hands.
    I had to.
    I was going crazy.
    I was worried about stroking off in my sleeping bag.
    I didn't want Andrew to catch me, like that.
    I made my way into the showerstall.
    No one around, yet anyway.
    My king sized coil cock had started it's journey evening before I could get my boxer briefs off.
    I left the shower curtains apart as I had done previously.
    Let the games begin!
    The hot water felt awesome on my body.
    We had biked, hiked, trekked and tracked all day.
    My ass was sore from the seat.
    It would have been easier to remove the seat and enjoy myself.
    I lathered up my body.
    Then I heard the washroom door slam shut.
    Ah, a vistor.
    I saw the shadow pass by the curtain.
    Time to get the show on the road.
    With cock fully lathered, I began to enjoy myself.
    My cock was so hard.
    So long and thick.
    I couldn't hardly wait to unleash myself.
    While lathering my hair, I thought I heard the sound of a shower curtin being drawn across the bar.
    I carefully looked down to see a pair of shoes, not mine on the other side of the curtin.
    Now that's bold!
    I turned my body carefully around and aimed my bold beautiful toward the curtin.
    I just stood there, waiting.
    Sure about 10 seconds.
    A mysterious hand emerged from around the curtin to grip my member.
    So good.
    Slowly, the cock was massaged, caressed.
    But that wasn't enuf.
    I had to have more.
    Who was the mystery guest.
    With my left hand, I reached up to pull the inner shower curtin across.
    Much to my surprise, maybe not, was Andrew.
    Wearing two things.
    His shoes and a huge smile.
    Not to mention his georgeous growing hardon.
    I told him surprise, surprise.
    Within seconds, he was standing in the stall with me.
    Was I dreaming?
    Apparently not.
    Andrew's face grew close to mine.
    He pushed me back and drew his lips, his tongue to mine.
    He was hot, he was wet.
    It was working for me.
    That's when he admitted checking me out a long time ago.
    How he dreamt of me taking him down.
    How I would seduce him and make him mine.
    Our hard cocks were pressed against eachother.
    Our mouths were hot.
    Our tongues were long.
    I directed the shower nozzel to the side.
    He moved back, bent down and started to caress my long, hard, aching hardon with his mouth.
    Oh my.
    It felt so good.
    My beautiful redheaded Andrew.
    He was so talented.
    But the best was yet to cum.
    I tried to return the favour.
    There was no letting up.
    He was bound and determined to have his way with me.
    Best part was rimming me and fingering my ass.
    That's what I wanted.
    I'm sure my cock grew an extra inch.
    His body was all lathered up now.
    My hands caressed his body feeling the full impact of his long cock and low hanging nuts.
    He turned around and pressed his beautiful ass cheeks against my swollen cock.
    Effortlessly, by accident, my cockhead was trying to find it's way home.
    Like a salmon swimming upstream, it didn't rest until it found the opening.
    Ah, the opening.
    I knew I was almost home.
    I bent Andrew over, secured his hips with my hands to complete the last leg of the journey.
    I was loosing control.
    It was like shooting rapids.
    I was doing so well in the beginning.
    Somehow I was losing my grip.
    Maybe I was too long overdue.
    I felt my growing evening thicker.
    Not now I said.
    I need more time.
    I'm not ready yet.
    Too late for me.
    The tingling sensation in my feet moved to my nuts too quickly.
    I was about the erupt like I had never done before.
    The momentum was building like a runaway frieght train.
    I tried to warn Andrew, not to move, be still.
    Too late.
    His hips went into super swing.
    It was his fault.
    It felt like a mad rush.
    I tried to pull out as quickly as I could.
    I told him I was going to cum.
    He didn't listen.
    Instead he pushed me back toward the wall.
    He backed his ass all the way back.
    My cock, now fully loaded unleashed it's fury.
    We bucked like broncos.
    He kept with me all the way.
    He gripped his cock when he knew the end was near.
    In seconds he had let his own spirit free.
    It was exhausting.
    The shower was so refreshing.
    I slowly pulled my cock out of his ass.
    He turned to me and was delighted.
    He kissed and kissed again.
    We walked back to the tent.
    Moved our sleeping bags together and started all over again.
    Camper's Cream.
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