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    I know this will be a very very tough task BUT I saw the most beautiful girl in the world in a TV commercial. I have seen her before and had it recorded but my recorder broke and they can't fix it. She was in some sort of car commercial or something for a car like wax or something- I remeber her like laying over a car or something like that--she has bright brown eyes that look in a way golden/brown -dark brown long straight hair , deep red lipstick--and the most beautiful sexy face in the world..its very short and she does not say anything--if anyone can get me her picture I will pay cash- I am not lieing--- I will give cash reward for her pic or name to find more pics of her -she is the ultimate beauty on this Earth--if you see her she is one of those very very rare girls that you simply could not pick ANYTHING that needs improvemnet--and has sex oozing out of her sexy bedroom eyes---good luck all!!
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