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can foreskin really be restored?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by 553489, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. 553489

    553489 Guest

    is there even a difference-other than appearance by having or not having a foreskin?
  2. Sapien

    Sapien Experimental Member

    Jul 21, 2009
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    Can foreskin really be restored?

    Yes and No!

    There are various techniques that can be applied to your penis skin to cause cells to replicate and thus grow. Most techniques are based on the fact that when skin is under tension it tries to relieve that tension by replicating to create more skin. For example, if you are putting on weight by eating too much your stomach skin grows to accommodate the greater volume of fat. If someone wears heavy earrings, over the years you will see their ear lobes become elongated. Ear lobe stretching is used to allow those large hole inserts to be installed (not sure what you call them).

    So yes, you can grow skin on your penis to replace the foreskin that was removed. Growing this faux foreskin does serve many functions of the original foreskin but not all - thus my answer Yes & No.

    The original foreskin is loaded with fine touch receptor cells (meissner corpuscles) that make it very sensitive and erogenous. There is a very high concentration of these in the frenulum area (part that anchors the foreskin to the penis and helps hold it in place) and also at the very tip (ridged band). The ridged band is always removed in circumcision and the frenulum is usually removed. Foreskin restoration cannot replace these specialized tissue areas. However, there is a higher concentration of the meissner corpuscles in the inner skin area (skin between the circ scar and the glans) as well. Thus, growing inner skin can increase the amount of meissner corpuscle receptors you have.

    Also at the tip of the foreskin is a high concentration of dartos cells. These muscular skin cells have the ability to contract and thus the opening of the foreskin is controlled. (Same type of cells cause your scrotum to become loose or tight with temperature). Fortunately these cells are located throughout the penis skin (just not as in high concentration at the tip). Thus, if you grow your faux foreskin long enough the end can constrict similar to a real foreskin.

    The original foreskin and glans are mucosal tissue. The glans is not meant to be dry (similar to your eyeballs). The exposure of the glans and the inner skin causes them to dry out and lose their mucosal properties. Also, the glans builds up a callous layer to protect itself from the environment which causes a loss of sensitivity. Foreskin restoration does restore the mucosal properties of the inner skin and the glans and returns the sensitivity of both.

    In addition, in normal intact sex the glans glides back and forth within the foreskin sheath. There is an interaction with the glans and the erogenous foreskin tissue to provide additional stimulation. This gliding motion also minimizes the loss of lubrication during sex. This is absent in circumcised men. Restoration does return this function, though the faux foreskin is not as sensitive as the original.

    Many men have enjoyed the benefits of restoration but it is not an easy process. It takes time and commitment to be successful at it.

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  3. Ronald75

    Ronald75 Sexy Member

    Sep 19, 2013
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    United States

    just search for "foreskin restoration" and you will get abundant information and even pictures.
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