Can underpants cause damages to the penis...

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by B_Yoselin, Aug 12, 2005.

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    Hi to everybody!!.

    Well it is known by all you, that to the men, the left testicle is always down below that the raight testicle; the raight ball is over the left ball. This is what happen to the majority of the men.

    Now then, when you, the men, are dressing, the boxers and the trousers being placed, your penis remains placed in a special position that its is natural, for every penis especially, it stays or it was towards the right side or was towards the left side, depending on the man.

    Not to all the men the penis its stays it was towards the same side.

    My question is: If the left testicles of all the men usually stay down below that the right testicles, equal this happens with regard to the penis??........The penis of the majority of the men, when these men are dressing, remains placed it was towards the left side instead of the right side??.

    And finally: I read in a Web Site de Sexology (www.abcsexologia,com) one response that a man gives to a woman about The Why... Many men purposely they allow that their penises are externally of their boxers or slips and it is hanging as a pendulum along the leg......He said her that he was a man with a very very long flaccid-penis (11,03 inches-long in flaccid-state) due to this he had to leave that his penis hangs externally of the slip and this way the penis continued hanging along his left thigh.

    The reason of why he does this is......That according to him, he says that when the men who have the too long penis support their penis inside the boxers or slips or underpants, these can damage to the penis, it can ill-treat the fabrics of the penis due to the fact that they remain pressed inside the underpants.

    For him is much more comfortable to allow that his penis is for fuerta of the underpants and is hanging along his leg.

    I want to know what you think of this that he said.

    Is it true that the underpants can damage to the penis when it is a question of a man whose penis is very long?? Or is everything this false??.........

    He said too that many men who are of very long penis allow that his flaccid-penises should be externally of the underpants not for health of their penises but to presume in front of other persons that they take the penis much longer that other men, it do as a pretense and not for health of the penis.

    I ask myself sometimes if there will be men of very long flaccid-penis that they will be shamed(been ashamed) or penitents of having a penis like that, so long … Or it is that all the men of very long penises are proud to have excessively long penises??.

    There are men that obviously yes they like to presume that they have a very long penis, but I imagine that too there are men of very long penises that to them it does not like to presume of this, it shames them that the people find out that they are well-endowed-men … …
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