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    I couldn't have made this up, and if I had, it wouldn't be nearly as funny.

    Since our new baby came, my wife and I decided we were done with having children. We are very high risk for preemies and still borns, so two healthy boys is already beat the odds, and I went down to today and had a vasectomy done. It was not without some interesting complications, but in general was very easy and I'm sitting here (having slept for several hours after coming home) with a generally good attitude and a cold pack on my business.

    Now here's where the Universe was f*cking with me...

    I had to take a low dose Valium one hour before the procedure to help me relax, which meant that the wife had to drive me the hour's trip down to the clinic. Our Honda CR-V has XM radio and the first three channels we have programmed are 80s on 8 (80s music), Hair Nation (80s hair metal bands), and The Boneyard (classic hard rock and metal). Got that?

    As we're pulling into the parking lot at the clinic, Tears for Fears' Sowing the Seeds of Love is playing on 80s on 8. Sigh... nice one. I go in and have the procedure done, while my wife stays out in the parking lot to feed the baby. We finish at the same time and she pulls back up to the building to pick me up and then leaves me in the car while she goes in the building to get us Chik-Fil-A lunches.

    I put the radio back on and Billy Idol's Dancin' With Myself is on 80's on 8 = a song about masturbation. Sigh... nice one. I click up a channel to Hair Nation. It's Comin' Under Fire by Def Leppard. Really? Do I dare tempt the Universe and hit The Boneyard? I couldn't resist... Big Balls by AC/DC.
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    That is one of the greatest songs since 'Every Sperm is Sacred'--- lol
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