Car Trouble

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    It was a beautiful, starry July night. I had just left the
    nightclub (alone again) in my Corvette and was heading home
    out of the city. Lately I haven’t had much success with the
    ladies. It’s not that I’m picky (actually I am not), I just
    don’t seem to have much confidence with women. I was
    married before to a woman who became obsessed with big
    cocks. Her boyfriends before me were all much larger than I
    am and after a while she started to use that against me. At
    first she was playful and I didn’t mind, then I came to
    realize how small I really am. I became subservient to her,
    which she really enjoyed but she later left me. Needless to
    say, I was crushed and to make things worse, she left me
    for a younger guy. She also rubbed it in by telling me how
    big his cock is – “nearly twice the size” of my five incher.

    Anyway, my car stalled right in front of a plush hotel and
    wouldn’t start. Two lovely ladies were on their way in when
    they saw that I was having trouble. They were kind enough
    to invite me to their room to call for a tow truck. One
    girl was named Jen and the other one was a pretty girl named
    “Melissa”. She was very attractive and had a no-nonsense way
    about her. She said that she worked with Jen in a management role.

    They offered me a drink before I called about the car;
    actually we had a few and were feeling a bit loose. They
    asked me to have a dip in the hot tub and sensing my
    modesty said they wouldn’t look and turned their backs
    while I undressed. They climbed in fully dressed. Melissa
    asked if it was true about Corvette drivers trying to
    compensate for having little cocks. She reached between my
    legs and held my cock. “Well, it won’t work in your case”
    she said. I felt defeated at that point, I felt as if my
    whole body was shrinking. When Jen asked to see it, I
    offered no resistance at all. I climbed out of the tub so
    she could see. “It’s so cute”, she said as she held it. She
    eased me down on my back and climbed on top of me, still in
    her wet skirt and blouse. She held my balls tightly and
    asked if I wouldn’t mind wearing jewelry. Before I could
    even think of what she meant, Melissa had produced
    handcuffs and had them locked on my wrists.

    I was completely helpless and humiliated from these girls,
    but I was also a little buzzed from the cock-tails so it
    wasn’t too bad. Jen climbed over me and afforded me with a
    lovely view up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and I
    could see that she had a gorgeous pussy with nice big lips
    and a trimmed muff. I couldn’t reach it so I started
    kissing the inside of her thigh, just above her knee. She
    started going wild and I was feeling a little proud until I
    realized that Melissa was seducing her. She was kissing
    her, kneading Jen’s breast with one hand and her other hand
    went right up the skirt in my view. She began caressing her
    inner thighs for a while, and then she began rolling Jen’s
    clit between her thumb and forefinger. She was so wet; she
    looked like she was ready to explode. Melissa brought her
    other hand there as well and started massaging Jen’s pussy,
    while still rolling her clit with the other hand. It didn’t
    take very long as Jen was soon in the midst of a shuddering

    Jen climbed off of me and nearly tackled Melissa, eager to
    repay her for her pleasure. She pulled Melissa’s pants down
    while Melissa removed her top and bra. This girl was
    beautiful – as beautiful as Jen! Jen started kissing
    Melissa on her inner thigh, moving higher and higher until
    she started kissing Melissa hard on her pussy. She started
    sucking her lips and she slid her tongue right in Melissa’s
    pussy. Melissa looked like she was already on the edge of
    an orgasm. Jen slowed down a bit to prolong the enjoyment.
    She started gently licking and sucking Melissa’s clit.
    Jen’s tongue was rather long and broad and it was clear
    that Melissa was close again, this time Jen couldn’t slow
    down in time as Melissa had an intense orgasm.

    They cuddled and playfully pinched each other’s nipples for
    a while, then they turned to me as I lay there with a drip
    of pre-cum on my hard five-inch cock. Jen spoke to me
    first: “well I guess we won’t be needing you anymore”, but
    Melissa said that they would. I was excited and thought I
    was going to have my turn. Melissa told Jen that she was
    going to get her really laid and teach her the difference
    between getting fucked by a “man-sized-cock” and a “little
    dick”. She told Jen that she had ordered a “large
    pepperoni” from her favorite pizza boy and that he should
    be there shortly – which he was. He came in wearing tight
    white pants, but Melissa had them off in seconds. Jen
    gasped when she saw his thick, but soft 5 1/2-inch cock.
    Melissa started licking and sucking it and it quickly grew
    to 8 or 9 inches long. Melissa told Jen that she would
    have to get ready for this one, so she had me lick her for
    a few minutes. She was already wet though when I started, I
    think just from looking at the pizza man’s big cock.

    Jen climbed off of me and onto the other guy’s cock.
    Melissa held one hand around its’ base to limit how far it
    could go in. This is about five inches now she told Jen.
    Then she took her hand away and Jen plunged nearly all the
    way down the thick shaft – she let out a deep moan. They
    went at it for at least 20 minutes, during that time I got
    to lick Melissa (which I loved doing). Jen must have had 3
    or 4 orgasms when Melissa had her climb off (and climbed on

    Now it was my turn, but I didn’t have the same effect as
    pizza man did! She giggled and told me that I was cute, but
    she really couldn’t feel me enough inside. She let me kiss her all
    over while she waited for another turn riding the big cock.
    Now Melissa had orgasmed twice and was ready to switch. Jen
    climbed back on screaming “I love it, I love it” while
    Melissa climbed on me. The results were no big surprise,
    she started giggling and told me I tickled her! She climbed
    off and slid up over my face. She took off the cuffs; told
    me I could lick her and jerk off if I wanted. After about 5
    tugs it was all over. I cleaned-up and got dressed, Melissa
    gave me another drink and I called for the tow truck. As I
    left, Melissa said that I shouldn’t feel bad - that I
    couldn’t help it. She said that they did have fun with me
    and knew that I had a good time too. She asked for my
    number and said she hoped we can do this again soon.

    As I left, Jen didn’t even say good-bye. She was too busy
    going down on pizza man.
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