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    I was in the casino on the cruise ship; playing with a fair amount of money. I watch as you flirt from across the room, then you approach, coming right towards me. I noticed a man with you at first, but you left him at the bar.

    Hi baby", I say to you as you approach my table. You look sexy in your short dress and I help you up onto a high stool, ignoring the man completely. Your dress rides up a bit as you sit, I can almost see high up your thigh. "This could be good", I think
    to myself.

    The waitress comes by and I order us both a drink. I ask you to blow on the dice for luck...

    You bring your bright red lips to the dice and blow seductively. Your dress has moved up to the point where your long legs are showing to just short of your hot bottom.

    The man looks on from across the room; it is obvious he is with you.
    Your wedding ring shines in the brightly-lit room.

    Nice, I know it will be a lucky night. Your husband seems worried as he sees how much leg you are showing. He starts to say something, to protest. You shoot him an icy look and he quiets down meekly.

    The waitress arrives with our drinks and we take them and toast “to an evening to remember”. We clink glasses and our eyes meet. I roll the dice and win..

    You jump up and down, your chest practically in my face and your dress still riding up showing a little of your ass to all who look on. There
    is a crowd now, because we are winning and how much I am betting.

    I look for the waitress, but don't see her. You send Jack off to get us drinks. I'm checking out your legs and short dress. You seem to be getting hotter by the minute. I whisper "if you're a good girl tonight, I might just have to fuck you". I look into your eyes after saying that and I know that you'll be mine.

    Your hubby returns with drinks and you pass me mine and you toast to a exciting evening, not even acknowledging your hubby standing beside us. You tip your glass and a little spills on your dress.

    You are going to have to have that cleaned immediately, I tell you. Go to room 312 and put on a shirt and give your dress to the buss man to get cleaned. You do not hesitate; doing exactly as I said and return to the casino wearing one of my starched dress shirts. Hubby is stunned as you approach us with the top two buttons undone and nothing underneath.

    You look so sexy in my shirt. I think how sexy you'll look in a couple of my ties in a little while.

    I pass you the dice, "you work the table for a while and win back some of my money", I say. As you bend over the table to roll, everone wins with the view they see.

    Your husband looks troubled by all the attention you're getting, but every time I look at him, he looks down.

    I stand beside you, being careful not to block the view of the others. The man moving the dice to you intentionally leaves them so you have to go up on your tip toes, even though you are in four inch heals. The shirt rides up, even higher still.

    You smile at me after you loose for the third time in a row. “Sorry sir”, you say meekly...

    I smack your ass playfully, but i am aware how it affects you. Your ass feels firm and I want to hit it some more, but not here.

    "You are costing me too much money here, I want you in my stateroom- let's go"

    “Can hubby come too?” you asked, “I promise he wont get in the way” you said.

    As we walk to my stateroom, we pass a gift shop. We go in and I buy two pretty red silk scarves...

    We enter my room. I tell you I have many plans for you, but not so many for jack. Perhaps he can fetch us drinks and toys, maybe clean you or get you ready. For starters, I want you to tie him to that straight-back chair so he can watch. I hand you the scarves and you tie his hands and ankles securely to the chair.

    I stand in front of him and remove my pants. I tell you to get out of the shirt. I am getting hard watching you undress and by knowing I am going to be sucked by you just inches from hubby.

    You take my boxers down and my cock springs out, you kneel, smirk at your husband and take my cock into your hot mouth.
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    Interesting perspective for one of your stories smally. I think this has promise, and it shows range for you as an author. I'm interested to see where you take this.
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