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    I've been caught by my mother in law fucking her daughter (my wife now) in her br. She just walked in, seen my bare ass and turned around and left and never said a word! Someone forgot to lock the door LoL. Would love to hear stories about getting caught men and women.
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    My one experience "getting caught" was not good. In another thread I talked about the summer I spent on Maui back in the '60s between college terms, and the young lady who had introduced me to blowjobs. We were spending an afternoon together. She had a younger brother; she had taken him to the movies and left to meet me. We were parked in a "lovers lane", a secluded area of one of the local parks. We were in the front seat, she had her shirt off, and she was showing me her oral skills when the car door was pulled open and a much older guy (anout 40 or so) grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out of the car and started swearing at her and slapping her, pushing her along while she tried to cover her tits with her hands.

    She had told me that her step-father would freak out if he knew she was with a guy, and had told how she sneaked out of the house at night to come to my place. I wasn't being particularly heroic, mostly because by that time I knew she was underage, so I just took off. The next night she came to the house I shared with three other guys and told me about the first-class whipping she had gotten. It certainly didn't slow down her sex life.
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