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Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by thkandmuscl, Jan 11, 2011.

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    This isn't another conspiracy theory. Though "bulge" as we knew it on occasion in film and television from about 1960 to 1990 has virtually vanished from the entertainment industry, there may be some of us out there who remember the good ole days. Watching wrestling on television today is not what it was 25 years ago. "Accidents", if I can call them that, happened all the time. You can record hours and hours of television today, and you will scarcely see the sign of a dick on the face of this planet.

    Is there some kind of unspoken code? Even in the good ole days, when a guy would show a lot of bulge, by the time he walked from one frame to the next, seemingly the same take, the trouser snake would have suddenly vanished. What happens? Does the director yell, "Cut. Hey, Charlie, tuck your dick in!" How many times have you been watching wrestling when you find yourself catching the glimpse of a big basket, and suddenly they switch to the other camera and whenever the guy turns around thereafter for a frontal, they continue shooting strictly above the waist. There has to be some sort of code out there that no one is talking about. What are they afraid of? Ratings going up??? Is the Catholic league going to picket in front of CBS? Will radicals start making bomb threats? Some days it feels as though the sexual revolution has been put on permanent parole.
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