Certegy: You don't know them, but they may know you!

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    Certegy holds financial information about people who pay by check or credit card to Certgy's customers. Anyone holding financial inforamtion about you must provide you with a copy of all of the information they've kept once every 12 months at your request. They are only obligated to share this information with you, if you request it, and you may request it once every 12 months. This is mandated by law here in the US, and the law is called the FACT Act.

    I would submit that if you are unaware that the company exists, yet the company has a financial relationship to you, that you are deprived of the ability excedrcise your legal rights unless the company notifies you that the relationship exists.

    I will be in touch with the Florida State BBB, The FTC, the FL Atty General, and quite a few other people, possibly including some discussions about class-action law suits. I have not only been deprived (for who knows how long) of my right to information, but I've been exposed to an identity thief on their watch. Because I might have found out anyway, they finally sent me a letter. The letter informed me that a senior database admin stole their database and sold it to other companies who in turn resold it. Certegy claims there's no evidence of identity theft. However, legally, this counts as identity theft. Further, a class-action lawsuit is already in the works by a group of people whose identitties were allegedly stolen and then used to make Bed Bath and Beyond purchases. Wanna see the letter we all got? You may have one too. If not, it doesn't mean you aren't in their database. You should call them at 866-498-9916 immediately, and request information. 8.5 MILLION people were affected by William Sullivan, the thief in question.

    At the bottom of the comments page of this person's blog is a comment which includes a scan of the same letter I received.
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    My lovely friend, I haven't had time to research this, but trust me, I will!

    It's getting close to dinner time, and I need to start some preps. Thanks for the PM, and I'll post some general stuff here tomorrow, and some more detailed stuff for you in PM.
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