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    Mar 12, 2011
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    With and without girlfriend , watch a lot of cfnm porn - love idea of girls being turned on by watching big cocks. My gf will usually talk to me about how big they are and tell me how she loves watching and we often talk about my ex gf's previous boyfriend who was huge - have seen picture of him soft and think about the ex and her au pair watching him, admiring his size... Fantasy au pair watching him in shower turned on by how thick he was - she comes thinking of that as do I, imagining the au pair saying he was biggest shed seen.. And getting wet watching But do hung guys like couples admiring them? If having threesome you like "power" of the guy watching? Admiring? We have watched some huge guys on cam... And love her telling me she thinks they are too big, or wanting to have me watch...our ultimate fantasy is to have really big guy between us, telling us to tell each other how big he is... Her saying how wet she is watching- Having her hold him out to show me.. Cock worship I guess?
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