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    The Sky is Not the Limit

    As writers, whether it is for fun or an assignment, we are faced with constant challenges. With each and every essay, sentence, or even single word we choose to write there are multiple standards, expectations, and own conflict within ourselves that affect the finished product. With assigned writing one (like myself) may find their mind at a brick wall possibly having no interest in the topic not knowing where to even start. Rather than just staring at the brick wall, we must use our previous skills and knowledge we have learned throughout our life as a road-map to guide us around the challenge currently at hand.

    Before handing in the final product there are multiple steps taken during the writing process. This includes brainstorming, drafting, developing, researching, organizing, editing, and my recommendation of a revision from another (skilled) reader. With all these steps we as imperfect beings are bound to find ourselves with strengths and weaknesses throughout the whole writing process. You’d think by this, what I like call, “witty and well-crafted” short essay I have no imperfections. However, I find myself always wanting to better develop my research and organization of that research. I have noticed when writing, as a whole, my information is sometimes scattered and feels as if it were in the wrong order. I find my strengths include being an easy yet detailed read, somewhat smooth transitions, and adding a little wit and personality in each essay I write. It amazes me and I still cannot grasp how each of our minds succeeds or falls short in different areas of one another. We all continue to grow and as our weaknesses become our strengths new challenges will always arise.

    We hope to learn from the bad and even good experiences. I have written numerous essays of which I failed as a writer but prospered as a student because those are which I learned most from. Each essay we write I feel should be an experiment of our mind not concerning ourselves with the outcome but the adventure, the story, the growth of which the reader will embark on. With that said, do not ever think your knowledge can reach capacity. The sky is not the limit.
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    An essay about writing essays, clever! ;D

    I liked it a lot! :) It speaks to me, perhaps because I myself am a university student as well. ;p Did you want pointers?

    I noticed, in the red marked sentence, that you should probably add the word 'to' - "You'd think by this, what I like TO call, "witty and (...)".. - Kinda ironic you missed a word in that sentence, since the sentence speaks of 'no imperfections', haha ;D

    The sentence I marked as blue - I would rather see the word 'knowledge' instead of the second use of research. :p "(...) develop my research and organization of that research." - Since your research will give you knowledge, I think it would be a better fit to write organization of that knowledge, with that you avoid using the same word twice as well. :) Just a thought.

    The part marked in BOLD letters is so true! :biggrin1: I really like that sentence!

    Just a small thing I noticed, you always 'write out' the full words, but at the purple marked word you put "You would" together. Since you don't do that any more than at just that place, for example you wrote out "do not" instead of "don't", I would probably skip doing it there as well and just write "You would". :)

    Just my preference, but I would skip the "road-map" (green marked) and only use "map", since I feel it suits better, and you don't really make any reference to life as 'a drive down the road with different paths to go' - I just feel the "road" part is not necessary. :p

    To sum up I really enjoyed the short essay, about writing essays, it was interesting! :smile: I think you wanted pointers so I hope you don't feel offended, good luck if it's a school assignment! :biggrin1:
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    Where is the rest of the essay??? This is a good but short Short Essay. When I was at university we had to write at least 5 pages!
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