Chest red, normal?

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    Hi all, I'm going to be 22 years old in January and for the most part consider myself to be a normal healthy male. I've obviously been jerking off for a long time and have never noticed this, but lately (Within the last couple of months), I notice whenever my heart is beating fast to get blood throughout my body, my chest by my heart is noticably red. This never happened before but now I notice it and its very apparent.

    I had a few pounds to lose and went on the Atkin's diet. Please don't turn this into a thread debating the diet though. While it may well be a cause, I've already heard everything imaginable about the good and bad of the diet. It does work though, I lost 29 pounds in a few months and have never felt better. I'm also in the middle of training to become a NYS Court Officer which is why I needed to lose the excess weight. So I feel healthy and everything, but this just freaked me out. Should I see a doctor to make sure my heart is healthy?
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    Happens to me, too. I get flushed very easily, sometimes for no apparent reason. Sometimes when I'm nervous, or have a little bit of liquor in me, or sexually excited, my face will turn bright red. Virtually maroon. The skin on my chest will also be mottled red. I think it's pretty normal.
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    you don't appear extremely fair-skinned, but being very fair myself i noticed as i got older my chest area would flush with physical activity (beating off, having sex) more than it did when i was younger. i also did atkins for a few months and never noticed any changes--it would seem odd if that were the cause of your situation.

    webmd mentions flush chest as normal sexual response. you might want to do a more extensive search for additional info. or just call your doctor.
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