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Chicago Nw Burbs 1st Timer

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by 1370166, May 4, 2019.

  1. 1370166

    1370166 Guest

    Gonna try this one more time...

    37, white, average build, 5’8” / 190lbs, can hold my own below the waist (never disappointed anyone), married, D/L is absolute must - no apps or online chatting other than this site!

    I’m looking to have my first M/M action (bringing a lady friend would be fun too!). I have zero experience with men but do occasional get fucked with a dildo by my wife! I’m still trying to get her open to the idea of sharing... Anyways back on track, who’s out there that will let me indulge in my fantasy’s? I really want to blow a man (and receive) and bottom for someone (will also top).

    Few requirements for my first experience. Please be around my age, and at least in average shape. Most importantly, i prefer cut men only. Don’t know why, I am myself and it’s what turns me on.

    Hope to her from someone or a couple soon!!!! Pics to share in private messages!
  2. ZeusNotApollo

    ZeusNotApollo Expert Member

    Mar 30, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Chicago (IL, US)
    I’m open to having a starter conversation.

    It appears that we’re in the same category with experimentation, though I’ve got a couple of years on you. My attributes are 57 yo, 5’-11-3/4” tall, 173 #’s, sandy blond, “cut” and sort of smooth......in some special areas. I’ve had one experience, about 40 years ago, and have the same fantasies as you with one addition; a close up observation of the Penis, Balls and Sac while they organism with some teasing during that super sensitive stage only we know how to describe during the second time.
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