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    I was surprised one morning to open my email and find a response from a
    guy saying he was well hung and would be visiting in a month. There
    was no profile picture included, but be described himself as black with an uncut
    11" cock. I thought to myself "that will never happen", but was turned on
    nonetheless. A big black cock has always been the ultimate prize for my hungry
    About 8 weeks later I received a message that my jerk-off fantasy had arrived in
    town and wanted to hook up. I immediately replied back with a phone number
    (which I never do, but I just had to have this one down my throat!) and we agreed
    to meet a donut shop a block from a new bathhouse that had opened a few
    months earlier. That way I could check the guy out first and split if I had been
    bullshitted by someone.
    I met him on the sidewalk and I lead him to the bathhouse where we got a room.
    In the small, dimly lit room I could see that he was in good shape, about 6'3" and
    a slim 190 lbs. When he took off his underwear, my eyes darted right to his cock.
    I just about fell over! He had the most perfect dark brown, thick cock that was
    about 7 inches long (soft) and hung down well below his balls. Even in its limp
    state, there was a clear outline of a big round mushroom head under his foreskin.
    As soon as he stood up I wrapped my hand around it saying "That's a fantastic
    piece you have there". He was a bit modest and just said thanks. I went right to
    my knees with him still standing there.
    I held his thick cock at the base and slowly sucked the head. It immediately
    began hardening, and fast. I was in heaven, not only was this probably the most
    enticing cock I had ever seen, I was experiencing it harden between my lips.
    Within about 15 seconds, the head swelled up to a massive purplish brown
    helmet, and the shaft grew to a 10 or 11 inch dark brown shaft as wide as 3 of my
    fingers across. I curved slight downward as it stood straight out.
    He bent down and sucked my rock hard but relatively small 7" cut cock for a
    minute or so. He sucked it deep and it felt great, good enough to make me come
    if I had let him continue, but I perhaps selfishly was compelled to have his cock in
    my mouth.
    I motioned him back up, and went to my knees with him standing, basically
    worshipping this marvellous piece of meat. I pulled the foreskin back all the way
    and unwrapped the beautiful big cockhead. A pocket of precum that had
    collected under the foreskin was now spread out across the massive dark knob.
    That was too much. It was like anticipating the perfect sundae and watching
    someone drip chocolate sauce on it.
    I enveloped the head in my mouth again, and tasted the sweet precum with my
    tongue. I kept my one hand at the base of the massive shaft and slid the monster
    deeper in my mouth and to the back of my throat until it wouldn't go any further. I
    probably had all but 2 inches in my mouth. I felt my jaw and lips forced open by
    the girth of the shaft and heard him moan. I slowly withdrew his meat and tried to
    clench the back of my throat and do a broad tongue stroke on the underside of
    his cock at the same time. This produced a louder moan and a gasp. This guy
    seemed be just aching for a blowjob, and I was going to suck for all I was worth.
    "When did you last come?", I asked. He replied "About 4 days ago." He explained
    that he was staying with relatives and wasn't really able to jerk off.
    The scene just kept getting better. I had the best cock ever, that was forced to
    save up a load for me.
    I continued to slowly suck him deep in my mouth, always keeping about 3 or
    4 inches in to flick and stroke the underside of his cock head with my tongue, and
    alternating with long deliberate swallowing strokes where I would get all of his
    rock hard shaft down my throat. It was going down on a rubber baseball bat that
    had a sweet musty smell and taste to it. He was moaning and holding my head,
    me still kneeling at his feet, jerking my cock all the time. My own precum was
    dripping on the floor underneath me.
    Every so often I would just take it out of my mouth so that I could look at it, a
    glistening, chocolate brown spectacular site, hardened like a steel rod by my
    mouth. This guy obviously just loved to be deep throated. "Do you have anyone
    at home who swallows your cock for you?", I asked. "Not like that.", he answered
    with a bit of urgency.

    He looked like he was dying to cum and I really wanted to feel and taste his load
    in my mouth. I held the base of his cock at a lower angle and impaled my mouth
    on his massive dick. I was in the cock sucking Olympics and I had my eye on the
    finish line. After a few strokes which were harder and faster now, I focused on
    opening my throat more and manoeuvred his bulbous cockhead farther down my
    throat so that I had felt my straining lips closing around his thick shaft. I felt my
    index finger of my cock stabilizing hand against my lips. I had swallowing his
    entire cock!
    I maintained this rhythm of throat opening, jaw spreading on the way in, then
    throat clenching and tongue stroke on the way out. I had to stop jerking off again
    anyway, so I used the middle finger of my other hand to tease his tight asshole. I
    scooped up some the saliva that was continuously sliding down his throbbing
    shaft and dripping off the his balls in long strands to the floor. This provided an
    endless supply of lubricant for my probing finger. I was determined to give this
    guy an awesome come, he was sure to want more.
    After another few minutes of sucking like this, my eyes and nose were running
    from the repeated invasion deep in my throat. My hunger had intensified to the
    point where I was not only deepthroating his entire thick 11 incher, but that I now
    had one hand on the back on his ass to pull him toward my mouth to thrust his
    dick that much deeper down my throat at the end of my swallowing stroke.
    He started to stiffen and gasp, his asshole began spasming, signalling that his
    deliciously load of cum would be filling my hungry mouth any second. I felt his
    cockhead swell still bigger as it approached my clenching lips and dove onto his
    cock fast. I wanted him to explode deep in my mouth.
    And that he did. I had timed it just right. I didn't actually taste anything, but felt a
    hot spicy feeling down my throat. He had shot his first jet directly down my
    hungry gullet. I then did the hungriest sucking I think I've ever done. I was a deep
    throating piston, down his shaft, still clenching my throat and using tongue
    strokes on his retreating cockhead. I felt about 4 big spurts of hot cum in my
    mouth. I savoured the slightly spicy taste, but had to swallow twice to keep up.
    He was holding my head, fucking my mouth wildly while gasping and moaning,
    while was making wet slurping and swishing noises from my mouth. I was sure
    we were heard in the nearby rooms.
    He collapsed in a sitting / laying position on the bed. I was in heaven, and just
    starred at his twitching cock and heaving chest. His whole cock and balls were
    dripping with my saliva. He stopped heavy breathing and said "That was fantastic
    man!" " I'll say!", I agreed.
    I saw I big drop of cum ooze out his still 3/4 hard cock and had to have just a bit
    more. I lean forward and sucked his cockhead into my mouth. I greedily sucked
    out the remaining cum from his shaft. I expected his to pull back, thinking his
    cock would be over sensitive since he had just had a massive orgasm about 1
    1/2 minutes ago!
    Damned if he didn't started moaning again! I thought, "Could this get any better?"
    I slowly took in cock deep in my mouth again and within a minute or 2 it was a
    again a magnificent dark thick glistening hard shaft with a massive mushroom
    head. He kept moaning, so I went right to work, just as I had no more than a few
    minutes earlier with my deepthroating rhythm. This time I paused and asked him
    to stand and bend over a little. I figured a little extra stimulation wouldn't hurt. He
    had a narrow waist and a small tight round bubble butt. Smooth chocolate brown
    in colour, a little lighter than his cock. I spread his firm cheeks a little and
    revealed his dark brown asshole, shiny from my teasing wet finger. I flicked his
    pucker asshole with my tongue, swirled in around in circles and did little tongue
    fucking thrusts with my tongue in his ass. He moaned with approval. However,
    the greedy cock sucker that I am, I had to have that brown python deep in my
    throat again.
    I sat him back down and gulped his fully hard cock some more. I sucked him
    deep and like before for about 20 minutes, still holding back my own orgasm. I
    figured he would be able to actually come twice with no break in between so I
    would just jerk off with his cock in my mouth. He started getting louder again. The
    fucker was going to come again! I went into my high speed deep throating piston
    rhythm again and was rewarded my another blast of hot come. The load was
    smaller than before, but still a good size by normal standards.
    He collapsed again saying " You've ruined me man!" as I savoured his delicious
    load in my mouth before swallowing it in a big gulp.
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    science-fiction ?
  3. tazlovecock

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    Loved your story reminded me of my first black cock at a glory hole when I was 18. I too was in heaven and savored every drop. been loving black cock ever since. Thanks for the story.
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    Thanks for the has just made me cum.
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