Christmas Carol for Big Dick Fans

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    Good Prince Cal, Son of King Wenceslas and sung to the same melody
    (but with a bit of squeezing of syllabuls here and there)

    verse 1

    Good Prince Sal fucked Val her to please
    Then cum juices ran down to her knees
    Wiped the mess with cotton briefs
    Covered cock and balls with elephant ear leaves

    Skivvies found by girlfriend's mum
    Who licked the tasty crusty cum
    Offered him her hole to plumb
    With Val and grandmum for a foursome

    verse 2

    While nude wrestling Bryn shocked at Sal's groin
    Swinging meat, size of whole pork tenderloin
    "Tho that's not mine", Bryn then sighed,
    "I would like with it to fuck my bride.

    Sal summoned bride to grant Bryn's request
    With deft thrusts, distended and opened hole of guest
    Huge cock entered honey pot with ten cum bliss
    Cuckholded Bryn bemoaned, "Twas very misinterpreted wish."

    verse 3

    No relief by casual sex with many maids
    From erectus eternus* in prince was displayed (*permanent horniness)
    E'en with hand jobs turgidity would not fade
    Docs told Sal, "You need to get 4-star laid."

    So search for gal, w'lust of giant size
    With jewelry tight round cock as "cure" prize
    Val got necklace with no further arousal
    More shrinkage, then bracelet and marriage proposal.
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