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    The moderating team is aware that sometimes it is a subjective decision rather than an objective decision in determining if a particular link is spam or it is permissible to post.

    The defining principle in our decisions on whether a link is spam or not is that we try to determine if the link entertains and informs LPSG members or is the link designed to exploit LPSG members.

    The moderators do allow single links in the signature to a personal website. A personal website is defined as one that features either written content, photos or videos of the person. A link back to the LPSG is appreciated, but not required. If a person uses the forum to advertise for a website for a referral fee, it is spam.

    Using multiple postings for the purpose of advertising a signature link is considered spam.

    In general, the posting of a link to a pay site is limited to the adult website forum.

    The moderators hope that posting this clarification will help you the members in making decisions concerning posting links in your signature.

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    The Moderators
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.