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Clients and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by behrstar, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. behrstar

    behrstar Member

    Oct 22, 2006
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    Louisville, KY (The Lube State)
    As a self employed architect I find myself regularly on jobsites filled with hot men, well built, hard working, sweaty men - I am gay and this is definitely a job perk. I would never abuse my position of authority and pressure someone to do something they don't want to do (outside of job related responsibilities). Also, over the years I have had sexual encounters with Clients ( yes, even women) and have developed a policy of no sex until AFTER the project is finished. One man many years ago had a six month affair with me during his project. He was very handsome, tall, and hung thick uncut about 10" - one of the biggest cocks I have ever played with. He was slightly embarrased by his size, but I helped him get over that at least as far as it was concerned with me (or my mouth or ass).

    Currently I have a major ongoing (2 years) project. The Clients are a father a son team both of whom I have become very friendly with. We spend many weekends together at their farm with lots of friends and extended family. And often enough the men go skinny dipping in the pond. I am proof that gay men can see straight men naked and not give a rats ass about having sex with them. Really.

    Anyhow, the Son never joins in our naked swims. He is a 6'4" very thin and muscular blond haired dude...a bit nerdy...rather handsome...very well educated and has never had a girlfriend to anyones knowledge. I suspected that he is so well endowed that he is embarrassed. Some of you can probably relate to that.

    My suspicion was somewhat confirmed last week during some banter between him, me, and his best friend (who happens to be the lighting designer on our project). I egged them on by talking about SUV Escalades being compensation for small penises, how shoe size, hand size, nose size, etc was totally unrelated to dick size, that I find redheads are almost always either rather LARGE or rather SMALL but rarely average (I am still gathering data for my research) - Paul responded that that wasn't fair since he had size 14 feet and they really ought to be 16 or 17. I asked if he was "bragging or complaining" and he just smiled. Later, his buddy told me he was definitly bragging. I let it drop since we were potentially getting into workplace sexual harrasement territory, although I do run a a pants optional office (ha ha).

    I feel like I should tell this young man that he should join LPSG as there are plenty of lovely ladies who would be thrilled to meet him even if (!) he has an enormous and sometimes problematic to accomdate penis. Speaking strictly as a friend, not his architect :)

    Back to the jobsite. Charlie ALWAYS shows nice package, even in baggy jeans, and Tall, Thin Kevin has the pretties damn eyes in the state of Illinois. My husband is so sweet and wonderful that after sharing my fantasies about Charlie and Kevin with him he put on my hard hat, pretended to be Charlie, and screwed me but good.

    Does anyone else here have construction site experience? They are excellent locations to find fine examples of the male of the species.

    BTW, I am pretty open about being gay when I am on work sites, making reference to my husband when we are chatting about familes and "how was your weekend" stuff. I rarely encounter discomfort, especially from the younger folk. I realize that I am an authority figure on these sites, but I am also pretty low key and perceptive. If the phobia was there, I would pick up on it. I find racism is much more common than homphobia.
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