Cocky lad who love it proper rough in Manchester,UK

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    May 1, 2009
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    I'm originally from London now livin in Manchester. Am a decent looking lad in verage shape with a nice frim tight ass. Im 32 but lok about 25 and look rough sex. You can do a rape scene or go striaght in for the kill.

    I ain't talking about just hard fucking. Im talking about walk in and fuck the ever loving shit out of me with a hand round my throat. Up to you whether you wanna use a jonny or cum in me.

    I get fucked by a lot of bouncer and security guards(they seem to like it rough) but aint had no decent rough stuff for a few months now - thought i'd try this place out.

    I dont have pictures on here but if theres someone that gets my ass twitching then i'll email you some before a meet. Can do the deed at my flat in South Manchester or you can do me outdoors. I also get to Birmingham about once every few months for a few days and am in London all the time.
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