CoD: Modern Warfare 2

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    Is it worth it?

    I'm in two minds whether to get it or not. Played it over at my cousin's (very briefly...selfish bastard he is!)

    Was okay but I didn't see much improvement over COD 4 and maybe it was his TV but the colours didn't look right and particularly the snow level (in multiplayer) was a bit whited out.

    Furthermore, I have a PS3.

    The reviews on Gamefaqs aren't that favourable either; 7's and 8's.

    Still, I think the multiplayer would keep me entertained for a while. But again £40 is a bit pricey IMO...

    Yay or nay?
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    playing it right now. i really like it. it took me a while to like the online maps but after a few hours of playing you like it. multiplayer has changed alot in good ways. a secondary weapon isnt alwas a handgun it can be a shot gun etc.

    the sotry mode is quite good. also has a special ops mode which is random, swat based missions i assume from what i read.

    and i just got kicked for writint this lol, thanks incocknito, i was killing these fools
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