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    Colin's Whopper

    There's been a lot of debate on the merits of big cocks
    versus average sized ones ones. Just as most men chase after
    women with huge tits, a lot of women search out men with huge
    pricks. Some women claim to prefer average size cocks because
    the big ones hurt too much, while other women absolutely adore
    being fucked by oversized cocks. I've heard people of both sexes
    make statements like "it's not the length of the wand, but the
    of the magician." While this might have some truth to it, I wonder
    whether these people have considered the situation in which the
    oversized prick comes with an experienced lover attached to it?
    Based on my wife's experience, I'd say the outcome is pure
    glowing satisfaction after sampling such a whopper, as well as a
    well-fucked, rather tender and puffy looking pussy! The penis in
    question belonged to a man named Colin, a English businessman
    whose company transferred him to the US.

    Colin worked for a firm that supplied my company with
    equipment. We often had business lunches together. We would
    often drink and Colin would flirt with the waitresses. More often
    than not, he talked more about his success with women than his
    success in business. At one of these lunches, we had a lot to drink
    and ended up going to the bathroom at the same time and standing
    at adjacent urinals. While I fumbled around to pull my dick out of
    my underwear and through my zipper, I glanced over and saw
    Colin holding what looked like a long hose while he pissed. He
    must have noticed my staring, because when he finished he turned
    to flash his cock at me. "That's what keeps them coming back for
    more," he boasted. I had never seen such a beauty, even in porno
    videos. Limp in his hand it looked a full eight or nine inches, and
    rounded thick as a large banana. When erect, my dick in only six
    inches long and no where as thick as his was limp. I was very
    envious and had to admit it was a champion piece of equipment.
    When I arrived home, I mentioned it to my wife Anna, who
    expressed rather too much interest for a 48 year old grandmother, I
    thought. She remarked that she was looking forward to meeting
    the well-hung salesman someday. So, a few weeks later on a
    Saturday, I took her for lunch to a small hotel where I knew Colin
    was spending the weekend (and screwing the receptionist).

    Anna surprised me by dressing to the nines. Her hair was
    immaculate, her eye-shadow and lipstick a bit heavier laid-on than
    usual, and she wore a figure-hugging gray two-piece suit with a slit
    skirt and a white blouse that not only showed her lacy bra beneath
    but the tops of her heavy, mature breasts. I could only suppose it
    was to impress the hugely-endowed Colin. Soon after we arrived at
    the hotel's restaurant, Colin joined us at our table. He is about
    twenty eight, tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. Almost
    immediately the pair of them chatted like old friends. Colin make
    a point to claim that she couldn't be half the age she said she was
    and how older, mature women were sexier than younger ones. My
    wife just ate it all up. When he went to the bathroom, she remarked
    about what a good-looking young man he was and that he must
    have a lot of girlfriends. Since we were drinking and having a good
    time, she asked whether we should invite him home for more
    drinks. I hadn't bargained on that, but I was becoming intrigued by
    their flirting and flattering

    At home I went to the kitchen to make more drinks. Colin
    sat on the couch, and Anna sat beside him at once. When I
    returned, Colin was talking in a good humored way of past
    conquests. When my wife asked why he had never married, he
    answered by saying rather boastfully that no one woman could keep
    up with him. Normally Anna would have thought such a braggart
    was a complete asshole, but no doubt because she had heard he was
    so big in the prick department, she just giggled like a girl.
    Encouraged by the atmosphere of sexuality and the drink she'd had,
    she began to tell about an experience of her own, namely an affair
    with her piano teacher when she was eighteen. "Lucky old piano
    teacher!" remaked Colin. I couldn't believe she'd open up to an
    almost complete stranger about things only I knew of from past
    confessions. I was now certain that given the chance, they would
    make love, and the thought of Anna trying a big prick had me
    scheming as to the best way to bring that about.

    I had to go the bathroom, which I announced to the two of
    them. Colin joked back "I hope every thing comes out all right."
    As I left the room, I heard them laughing together. When I finished
    in the bathroom, I noticed it was quiet in the living room, so I
    paused before I entered and looked in. They had their arms about
    each other, kissing with open mouths as if quite desperate to get
    right into it. I stood in the doorway and watched while Colin
    unbuttoned Anna's blouse. She helped him push her blouse and bra
    aside, and Colin brought out her nice big creamy tits, cupping them
    and sucking each nipple. I saw her back arch to thrust them into
    face, and her hand went down to his crotch to squeeze the obvious
    bulge there. At that I walked back into the room. The two of them
    paused and looked at me. "Don't stop for me," I said. "I was
    wondering how long it would take you two to get it on. Ever since
    I told Anna about your dick, she wanted to see if for herself."

    Ever-proud of his equipment, Colin immediately stopped
    nuzzling my wife's breasts, stood up and pulled down his pants and
    underwear. Out popped his erect prick. I heard Anna grasp in
    wonder and shock. The magnificent tool stood stiff as a flag-pole,
    rearing up to a plum-sized head. It looked absolutely magnificent.
    "Twelve inches long and eight inches around," Colin said
    arrogantly. "It's been measured quite a few times." I didn't doubt
    him, and if you get a ruler and see just what a size twelve inches
    well, it's some length!

    "It's so big," Anna said as if in a stupor.

    "Don't worry love," Colin promised her. "It will all go in,
    and you'll love every inch. I'll make sure you do."

    With that he lowered her back on the couch, intending no
    doubt to shaft her there and then. "No, not here. Let's go to the
    bedroom," she said, almost in a hoarse whisper. They rose and
    went to the room my wife and I share. There they stood apart only
    long enough to throw off their clothes. Anna practically ripped off
    her clothes, uncovering her naked body without a qualm to this guy
    who she'd just met. She flopped back on the bed, legs apart and
    breasts lolling, shamelessly offering up her hairy cunt to Colin.
    was obviously no novice. For long moments he kissed her mouth,
    fondled her big tits, and fingered her cunt, all the while making
    writhe below him, her hand grasped about his great weapon. "Put it
    in, put it in," she begged. "Fuck me, shove it right up me."

    It was wonderfully exciting to hear her mouth such words,
    especially to a man she had not met more than a few hours before.
    She was always too reserved to talk this way with me, but Colin
    obviously brought out a new side of her. She actually tried to pull
    him onto her, grasping his prick and guiding it to her cunt-lips.
    "Not so fast lady," Colin cooling stated. "Have you ever had a
    cock this big inside you?"

    "Of course not," she responded impatiently.

    "Well, you just can't shove it in if you're not used to its
    size. You have to take your time and prepare your pussy so it will
    stretch out. Maybe your husband would like to do the honors,"
    Colin suggested as he turned and winked at me. I got down on my
    knees and crawled between her legs and started to lick her pussy.
    was already soaking wet from Anna's natural juices. While I
    licked, Colin and Anna continued to make out. Colin stopped and
    said to me, "Come on Bob, make her pussy wet with your tongue.
    Stick it deep and wiggle it around. Your wouldn't want me to hurt
    you wife with my big dick do you?" Anna laughed when she heard

    I did as instructed, and after a while Colin stopped and
    to me, "Let's check your progress." He then slid his fingers inside
    her pussy and wiggled them around. "I guess that will do." Colin
    started to roll over on top of my wife, and I moved out of the way
    to give him access. He placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy
    and leaned into her. I saw the plum-sized head nudge her quim and
    enter enough to force the lips apart. She in turn groaned as if
    eternally grateful and locked her legs behind his back, raising her

    "Just relax, baby," Colin suggested. "You've just got the
    head of it in. There's ten more inches to go." His cock head was
    so wide that is was a struggle just to keep it in. Colin just laid
    top of her resting on his elbows, waiting for her pussy to adjust.
    Pretty soon, a little more sank in. And then a little
    more. "That's
    it, baby, there's four inches in there. Only eight more to go,"
    coached Colin. All the while, Anna was gasping for air and
    tightening her leg muscles around Colin's back.

    "Oh god, oh god," Anna whimpered over and over again.

    Colin began a slow back-and-forth movement, allowing
    only an inch or so at a time to penetrate her, teasing her by taking
    advantage of her desperate condtion. Then he would withdraw
    again right to the knob, making her groan and cry out, clutching at
    his buttocks and heaving herself up to get more prick, which had
    her delirious. "Oh, shove it up, please, please," she
    whined. "Fill
    my cunt. Do it, do it!"

    A few more inches worked there way inside her. Colin
    calmly gave his progress report, "There's only five more inches to
    go. I'm in deeper than your husband has ever been. How does it

    "Oh God, it feels wonderful, keep going," Anna demanded.

    "Is this virgin territory?" Colin teased.

    "Oh God, YES, no one has ever been that deep in me! No
    one, only you Colin, only you! Please, please, shove it all in!"

    I stood before them, amazed at her wantonness, the taste of
    a monster prick making a quiet, reticent woman act like the horniest
    of whores. I had nothing but admiration for Colin too, admitting I
    was seeing a real cocksman in action. He had teased her to
    distraction and obviously meant to. He actually grinned up at me
    and said, "Make them beg for it. I always do. They're more
    grateful when they finally get it then. I love to hear them plead
    my cock. They're all the same when they think of the size going up
    them." Crude as he was, my wife was living proof that he was
    right. She was almost sobbing for his full length, groping him to
    get more up her cunt.

    "Darling," she called him, urging him on. "Fuck me harder.
    Come on. Fuck, fuck." Then growing desperate she changed her
    tune, cursing his teasing ways. "Shove it in me, you bastard! Fuck
    my cunt with that big prick of yours. Put it all in at once, damn

    Take it all she finally did, and Colin was in her to his
    She gasped as if marvelously fulfilled, spreading her thighs open
    until they were flat on the bed and adjusting her hips in a
    movement, as if getting comfy with that huge prick imprisoned up
    her. Colin hardly moved, while below him my wife writhed slowly
    with that monster cock deep inside her. I saw her cheeks puff, she
    gasped and her eyes rolled as she had an orgasm that stretched her
    legs and curled her toes. Still Colin barely moved his hips,
    down upon her with huge satisfaction as my naked wife continued
    to writhe below him. While letting her relax for a little bit,
    turned to me and quipped, "She loves it, Bob. You've got a natural
    here. She can't get enough of my big prick. I'll come back and
    fuck her any time you like. You know once they try it, they're
    never satisfied with a smaller one. Maybe we can work out some
    kind of arrangement. I think I can fit her into my schedule." The
    way he was talking let us know that this was nothing new for him
    and hinted that he enjoyed providing stud service for other
    She in turn just lay below him positively luxuriating in the big
    embedded in her cunt.

    "Oh yes, I love you cock. It's so big," Anna sighed and
    moaned softly. Anna lolled back with every inch soaking inside
    her. Obviously whether I liked it or not, she had never known such
    pleasure being fucked. Colin just looked at me expecting a

    "Well, I don't think I have any choice in the matter. She
    obviously loves it. But God only knows how she was able to take
    all you've got," I had to admit. "I've never seen such a whopper."
    As if to prove my point, Colin slowly withdrew from my wife's
    cunt, his prick coming out with an easy sliding movement, still iron-
    hard and glistening from cunt-juice, red and looking angry. Anna's
    dilated pussy gaped open like a cavern, the lips shaped to Colin's

    "See, they all adjust to my size," Colin answered. "I've
    never found a women who couldn't."

    Just then Anna opened her eyes and looked at him with
    bewilderment. "Did you come already?" she asked.

    "I only come when I want to," Colin said. "So, don't you
    worry about that. I was just letting you old man see what you had
    up you."

    "Never mind about him," she snapped testily. "Put it back
    in. I was just getting used to the feel of it." Obligingly Colin
    his prick back in her as easily as it had come out, and again she
    sighed and wrapped her legs around his back. I watched them fuck
    again, this time Colin giving her what she wanted by thrusting
    rhythmically into her. Anna reached around and her hands gripped
    his ass cheeks to pull him to her and lift her body off the bed to
    meet his thrusts. This time he didn't tease her and the pair of
    humped energetically, both of them groaning and gasping with
    pleasure. Anna seemed to come time after time in a series of great
    shudders. Several time Colin's balls and asscheeks tightened up,
    and I thought for sure that he was going to cum, but he never did.
    After what seemed like an hour, Colin allowed himself to climax.
    God, this guy had amazing self-control! Colin fell on top of Anna.
    They both lay limp and gasping for air, almost steaming with the

    Colin turned to me and said, "I'm thirsty. Why don't you
    get us something to drink." I quickly went to the kitchen and
    brought back a large glass of ice-water, which they shared. Colin's
    cock was still embedded in her pussy. He started to move in and
    out. As he did, I could see drops of his sperm being forced from
    her pussy and dripping down the crack of her ass. Once his cock
    returned to a full erection, Colin grabbed Anna and rolled over on
    his back bringing her with him. Anna mounted over him with her
    tits droopping in his face, squatting over his prick and moving
    on it, or rather squirming with it up her and showing signs of great
    pleasure. I can only describe it as like a hen settling herself
    over a
    nest of eggs, as least that was the thought that came to me as I
    watched. It seemed that every time she lowered herself onto his
    dick, more sperm leaked out and ran down his cock and balls.

    For almost the next hour they continued to fuck, changing
    positions several times. When Colin came in her again, they just
    laid side by side with his cock still inside her, where it had been
    about two hours straight. They kissed and chatting away about how
    great there session was. Colin started to rise from the bed, but
    Anna grabbed him and asked him if he would like to stay the night.
    It was obvious she wanted him to. "Business appointment, love,"
    he said to her. "Otherwise there's nothing I'd like better." I
    the randy sod was going back to keep a date with the young
    receptionist and envied the lucky bastard.

    As Colin started to get dressed, I crawled up to Anna. "How
    do you feel?" I asked.

    "Very sore," Anna said tiredly.

    Overhearing this, Colin looked over at us and said, "All the
    women I fuck feel that way until they get used to my size. It takes
    about a dozen times though. In the meantime, it might help if Bob
    licked your pussy. Many men enjoy doing it to their wives after I
    fuck them." Wow, this was obviously more common than I ever

    Anna looked at me and said, "Well, honey, what do you
    think? It would feel real good you know." With that, I slid off
    bed and knelt between her legs. Her cunt mound bulged out more
    than usual and her pussy lips were stretched out and lying low
    between her legs. The folds of her pussy lips reminded me of the
    skin on a turkey neck. And fuck juices where everywhere - both
    hers and his. I stuck out my tongue and leaned forward. I though
    would taste bad, but I was surprised to find out it didn't. At that
    point I dove in and proceeded to lick her groin area all over. "Oh
    yeah, honey, that feels so good," Anna said to encourage me on.
    When I had my mouth covering her pussy hole, which was much
    bigger than ever before so I had to open real wide, Anna started to
    contract her pelvic muscles. That forced gobs of Colin's sperm
    from her pussy canal and it slid over my tongue and down my
    throat. This must have really turned her on, because her breathing
    started to increase and she grabbed my hair with both hands and
    held my head in place until the stream of cum subsided.

    "See, what did I tell ya," Colin bragged. "Tastes good,
    doesn't it Bob?" I tried to answer but I couldn't remove my mouth
    from Anna's pussy, so I just shook my head up and down. He
    stuck around a little bit to watch, but he was running late for his
    date, so he left while I was still eating my wife's pussy.

    After Colin left, Anna pulled me up to her and held me
    close. "Do you still love me?" she asked. I told her not be silly -

    of course I still loved her. "I suppose it was the thought of all
    cock inside me that make me act so. I don't think I'd better see
    young make again. I might find it too good to stop and get
    addicted to it."

    "If you loved it so much, why stop? Colin said he come
    back an fuck you."

    "But what about you, dear?" Anna wondered.

    "Don't worry about me. I loved watching, and besides I
    can't compete with him," I responded. I didn't want to admit it
    but I was never so turned on in my life.

    So there is a true account of how an outsized prick can
    affect a woman. Colin is a regular visitor to our house and keeps
    my wife satisfied in way that only he can do. Once he got my wife
    addicted to his cock, Colin made his visits contingent upon my
    getting more business for him. I guess that explains how he's been
    so successful; he must have several similar arrangement with other
    customers. Colin's business with my company has doubled, and so
    has the size of my wife's pussy.
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