College Coed Bathroom True Story (semi-embellished).

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by B_10InchesOfMagic, Jan 13, 2011.

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    In college I lived in the dorms. I shared a dorm with this really weird kid my freshman year. He thought it was cool to jerk off in his bed when we were both in the room. I thought it was kind of weird.

    With my size and all, it would have been really weird for me to do that kind of thing because you could obviously see the serious tent work going on under my sheets.

    If I had the urge to stroke it, I usually would sneak into a bathroom stall to rub it out.

    The problem is, I tend to grunt and make a bit of noise when I'm stroking.

    One time I was stroking it, about 1am, and I was really close to cumming when I heard two girls come in carrying on some conversation about something stupid and superficial. They stopped talking when they heard what I was doing, but I was beyond the point of return just moments from cumming and there was no stopping it.

    I kept stroking my cock, using both hands and thrusting upward with my pelvis when finally two girls poked their heads over the walls of the stall and looked down at me stroking.

    I looked up at them in my metatative, pre-orgasm and continued stroking. Their jaws dropped when they saw what was happening, but they didn't look away and they didn't say a word and neither did I. For the next 10 or 15 seconds I came harder than I had ever before and shot a load all over my chest and stomach.

    After I came they ran away giggling and I heard one of them say "Oh my god did you see how big that thing was?".

    To this day I don't remember who they were, their faces are kind of a blur in my memory. Nobody ever mentioned the event.
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    that's really hot. after looking at your pictures, it's easy to see why!
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