college days: long dong society

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by JaimeB, Apr 30, 2011.

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    back in college days, i saw a room in my dorm that two guys were sharing with a sign reading "long dong society" over the door. one evening i went in, introduced myself and we started talking about all different aspects of dick size: length, thickness, penetration, erection strength, and so on. We talked for about two hours before the three of us ran out of things to say and the guys in there were ready to get to sleep. i never went back, and there was no show-and-tell in that session.

    one other time, a guy in my dorm that i had a casual friendship with had a friend visiting from another school for the weekend. they had arranged a double date with the local guy's girl and a friend of hers. but they invited me in and eventually got around to showing off their meat for me. at the time i was a bit too naive to see what might be going on there, and just took it in stride as best i could. after i wised up a bit, i wondered what might have happened if i had felt free to display my own endowment then.

    any similar stories from other guys about college days?
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