College Friends - Part 2

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    Iceman: On the way to my apartment we had the normal polite conversation all new friends have. We talked about school, friends, past loves, etc. Peyton was a baseball player at his old high school, but had given it up when he came to college. However, he still went to the gym to work out regularly. He was planning to be a physical therapist upon graduating.

    I had played soccer in high school and was in our college soccer club. We don't have a school team. Needless to say, my legs are in great shape; and I try to keep my upper body fit and firm as well. I guess I should describe myself. I'm 6'4" with green eyes and blond hair. I don't have an enormous cock, but at 7 inches, I'm not ashamed of it either. I can hold my head high in the locker room and shower.

    We finally arrived at my apartment and went inside.

    "Peyton, the bathroom is down the hall on the right and towels are in the closet. Help yourself. I'll be in the living room watching T.V."

    "Thanks, I won't be long. Then I'll take you up on that beer offer."

    I left him to his shower all the while wishing I was in there with him lathering up that big cock of his and caressing that hard chest. But I didn't want to push my luck, so I satisfied myself with a beer. After about 10 minutes, I had become involved with a football game on television, so I didn't hear Peyton come into the room.

    "Hey, Mike," he said, and I jumped a mile in the air. As I turned around, I saw the most beautifully sculpted body I'd ever seen. There was still water clinging to his skin, so he was glimmering in the afternoon sunlight coming through the window. His cock was not hard, but hung down low, gently resting on his enormous balls. They had to be the size of golf balls. I must have been staring because he started to smile.

    "Guess you weren't expecting to see a naked man, huh?"

    "Not exactly, what happened to the shower?"

    He spoke with an embarrassed tone, "Well, I couldn't get myself into your tub. The wall is a little too high for me to lift my leg over and hold on with out falling down. I tried for ten minutes, but it just wasn't happening. I finally got the nerve to come ask you to help."

    I beamed at the idea. This hunky hunk was asking me to help him into the shower. Of course I was going to help. "Sure. I'll help you. I'm sorry I jumped. I guess I was just a little shocked."

    He turned and went back to the bathroom and I followed him admiring his perfect ass. When we got to the shower, I asked him how he wanted me to assist. The problem, I found was not necessarily the height of the tub, but the shortness of the doors. Peyton couldn't lift his leg high enough while bending down to get under the top of the door rail.

    "Peyton, you hold on to the door rail, and I'll lift you into the tub." He did as he was told and I put my arms around his waist to lift him into the tub. He still smelled of the gym, and I was beginning to get turned on. After two or three tries to get him in the tub that way failed, I decided to go another route.

    "Okay, since this isn't working, I'll get in the shower and pull your legs through."

    "Great. That should work. Why don't you take off your clothes first? You might get a little wet."

    I wasn't sure if I'd heard him right, but I was peeling off clothes left and right and throwing them on the bathroom floor. When I was completely undressed, he came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. Electricity went out of him and into me with that touch, and I was his. As soon as he touched my shoulder, I knew he hadn't needed any help getting into the shower.

    My cock was getting hard from the excitement, and I was dying from anticipation of what was going to happen next. I had never actually been this close to another naked man before (besides being in gym showers), so I was nervous. Peyton reached out and pulled my mouth to his and we began to kiss. He had the most gentle kiss I've ever experienced. He kissed me long and deep with a passion so intense I thought I would pass out from the pleasure.

    When we broke our embrace, and he reached down and grabbed my throbbing cock. The touch of his hand on my stiff cock was something I never imagined could be experienced between to men. I began to caress his chest, slowly tracing each of his pecs and circling his erect nipples. I leaned over and began to suck on them, quickly darting back and forth between the two. Peyton began to moan, so I knew I must have been doing something right.

    He was still holding my cock, but began slowly to jack me off with a steady motion. Because of the excitement, I knew too much of this motion would cause me to go over the edge to soon, so I pulled away and led him into the bedroom. I sat on edge of the bed and pulled Peyton over in front of me so that I was eye-level with his cock.

    I had never seen a more beautiful specimen. It was at least 8 inches and hard as a rock. The head was a perfect mushroom and it was already oozing precum. I leaned forward and drank him into my mouth causing him to moan again. After a few awkward minutes, I was able to take the whole length of him down my throat and we got into a steady rhythm. He began to fuck my face. All I could think about was that I wanted him to shoot his load down my throat. I wanted to drink all of his hot man juice!

    Peyton began to thrust more powerfully and reached out and grabbed the back of my head. I could tell by his moaning and pumping rhythm that he was going to cum any second. Peyton let out a primal roar of pleasure as the first jet of cum erupted from his cock. I drank as much as I could, but he was cumming like a geyser (later I'd refer to him as Old Faithful!). When the gushing stopped, I released his cock and began to clean the spilled juice.

    But Peyton leaned down and lubed up my cock with the left over cum and pushed me down on the bed. He climbed on top of me and slowly pushed me into him. His ass was so hot and tight I thought I would cum right then. He smiled that boyish smile again and began riding me expertly.

    "Just lay back and enjoy it, Mike," he said as he continued to bounce up and down on my stiff cock. The pleasure was bliss beyond compare. I knew I'd found my true love.

    He suddenly looked up and said, "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel that hard cock pounding in my ass!"

    We flipped and I lifted his legs to my shoulders and began to fuck him like there was no tomorrow. He was agonizing with pleasure and I knew I was at the point of no return. My cock erupted inside him and I filled him with my cum and collapsed onto his chest.

    We layed like that for an hour just drinking in the sensations of the pleasure we had just experienced. I pulled out of him and began to go to the bathroom to clean up.

    "Oh, yeah, I guess I never did get that shower, huh?"

    "Guess not," I laughed. We both climbed into the shower and had another session. This time he fucked me. It hurt at first, but I have never felt so complete as when he was inside me.

    I had found a new friend, actually the love of my life, just because I decided to help a struggling crippled guy on crutches.
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    BiteSize: Good one, Iceman. :p This might sound a little off, but there's something really erotic about a fit young dude temporarily incapacitated by injury. I have a story to tell about that, some other time.
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    It is a wonderful description of mutual fuck ,one fucking the face and coming deep inside the throat and then getting himself well fucked in the ass.Both of them are extremely lucky.No one's cum is wasted or spilled outside !
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