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    So Brian went to floridan and Paul and I were left at the apartment which seemed to be normal he had a girlfriend I had college and a job. We would meet at night and drink and party with our other friends wuite frequently. One evening after drinking we went to bed we had seperate rooms. I was sleeping and having a wonderful dream that I was agisn having oral sex it felt so good I know even in my dream it seemed so real and I was rock hard all 6.5 x 6.5 of me I wanted an orgasim......................

    But wait was this a dream it all seemed so real was it these feelings agian?

    I woke up slightly to feel a cock between my legs under my balls Had I grown 2 penises?

    No it was someone elses it was larger than mine what the hell was going on I turned over to find Paul in my bed naked he had the most beautiful cock at least 8 x 6.5 and curved to the right un circumsised he was soft at this time passed out in my bed with his cock between my legs and I wasn't dreaming I was as hard as a rock.

    I couldn't believe this he did not seem like the type to do this type of thing after all he had a girlfriend?

    I couldn't resist myself I had to touch him after all he is in my bed. I carresed is rather large balls with the tip of my tounge he shaved his balls so they were perfectly smooth and succulent I took them both into my mouth and sucked them gently his penis started to get hard OMG it must be 9 in long so perfect I couldn't resist but could I suck it with out him being aware? I felling was overwhelming I just had to there was no turning around at this point was there? I grabbed his penis with my hand and started to stroke it as i sucked his balls I couldnn't barley stand it so I climbed on top of him and started to suck him he started to stri a little bit so I stopped afraid to get caught he whispered softly go ahead I am loving this i took my right middle finger and massaged his anus with it and sucked his big cock then I stuck my finger all the way up to his prostae gland and started to massage it as I was sucking his penis he began to moan louder and louder until he shot hi scum forcefully all the way to my stomach it was so warm and soo much how could anyone hold that much cum. I turned over amazed at what had just happened it was the best but wait Paul woke up and hopped up on my penis and started to ride it he had put ky jelly on and was actually fucking himself on my penis while stroking his cock the feeling was so intense I had never done this before I was so horney and my dick was pulsating he pulled off wipped my penis off clean and went down on me oh oh how can He work his touge like that I couldn't stand it any more and blew my cum in to his throat it seemed like it wouldn't quit flowing but wait he wasn't done he blew his cum agian all the way up my chest to my face and wait he he is licking it off from my treasure trail sensually to my neck .................................
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    Like the story. Love your balls. Perhaps some punctuation next time -- just for ease of readability? :wink:
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